Coronavirus Live mix (streams)


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some nomad House by a guy i just discover the name on a feed, the kind u may listen to at Namaste Las Dalias on wednesday , the scene in the back with the bonfire ,with a girl dancing and a performer that mix & playing different kind of instrument includin drums, flute , didgeridoo & so on
Perfect sound to put some drums on it as the guy don't play drums along this set but some flute, oud (middle east guitar)
i saw a feed with a link of Laurent Garnier 7 hours saying dancing at home , r u kiddin? maybe feeling but not dancing after listening some samples , not my thing those weird sounds, otherwise teach me how to dance on it 🤔
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Just to name the streams that have not been posted here yet:
21:00 CET
Marco Carola from Space Miami

18.30 GMT / 19:30 CET
Moondance Lockdown Session with Slipmatt, Ratpack, Sense, Acid House Brothers, Trix, Twista + more

15:00 - 15:00 next day CET
STMPD RCRDS Livestream with Martin Garrix and many more.

17:00 - 20:00 CET
Pan Pot Studio Session


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some Sunset deep house mix from a good Parisian contact in his garden, mixin in few small ibiza spots since 2 years:
Veto, Malanga café, experimental beach last year n back to France along this quarantine, even though he is used to travel from France to ibz n other country , but on dole for now 😞
it was hard to have some sessions for green grass djs in ibz , (mixing on vinyl and dj since more than 20years ) i can't imagine soon

Fb video
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