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Friday 18th March 2005
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Its that time of the year again folks where the truly fortunate amongst us get to pack our day-glo speedos, Gucci monogrammed slippers and those oh-so-essential Prada wraparounds and jet off to Miami for the yearly industry knees up. NYC super DJ Jon Cutler was quoted as saying that WMC is 70% socialising(aka partying), 20% networking (aka drinking the record company’s expense account dry) and 10% sleep(aka getting laid)…. All I can say is THE LUCKY BUGGERS!

For those amongst us who are stuck in Blighty fear not …this Friday we kind folk at Pin-Up bring you a sneaky peek at whats gonna be hot (musically anyway!) at Miami this year by inviting the truly wicked Copyright for a sesh on our 1’s and 2’s….get in!

Awesome producers, super DJs and truly nice fellas …these guys are set to raise the roof at Pin-Up this Friday…they are privy to some of the hottest new releases out there and no doubt they will be airing a few this Friday…including their imminent release Time featuring the beautiful vocals of Imaani.
I had the pleasure of witnessing their awesome set at the Defected night at Pacha last Saturday and I can personally say that it was one of the BIG highlights.
If you like your house sublimely soulful yet always pumping this is night you’ve been waiting for….prepare to be very impressed!