cool box...


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i've been lurking here for some time now, and now i have a question...

i went over to ibiza with friends at the start of summer, and am going back next week with my beloved :)

i'd love to take her for a picnic on a secluded beach, and find the idea of drinking chilled wine during the day pretty spot on.

however, if i take a bottle of wine to the beach, within a few hours it'll be hotter than a cup of tea...

does anyone know of anywhere i can hire/borrow a cool box from? i'm staying in the bahia in san an bay.
id just buy one if i was you - it will only be about a tenner.
thanks mister pea :)

i guess you're right. would any supermarket/store sell them - i didn't see any when i was out there.

or i could take one over with me... but i was hoping to surprise her.

anyone know if there are any available to buy in san antonio?
im sure that somewhere must sell them - after all people need cold wine!!
You cold always ask at the hotel youre staying in if they have one or know of anywhere that sells them.

Just an idea but they seel little cool bags in Marks and Spencers which you could fold up and put in your case! she will never know!
oh yeah, seen those in tesco's too... they're only a few quid if i remember rightly!

ok, i'll get me one of them.

cheers everyone :)
i took my tesco jobby and 2 ice blcoks...the good thing was being a cool bag it folds down into f*** all squared...the only prob is we forgot it every bloody day we went to the beach