Confort Plaza Apartments


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has anyone stayed here? Am booking a late deal and one is available for this hotel, so just seeing if anyone knows if it's up to much.....thanks ;)
never staye dthere but have heard from people thats its ok!!

near the rodeo bar in san an you know the one by that little park next almost next door to the supermarket

do it

Have Fun""
cheers 8) i'm holding out for the best late deal i can get, but will probably just go for one before it gets too late (3 weeks to go..) There are plenty available and the prices are spot on.

certainly intend to have as much fun as physically possible :lol:
my dad stayed there on his first visit, he said it was ok, i popped in there to see him, and i looked ok to me. as long as you have somewhere to get your head down if need be, and take a shower, it doesnt really matter. ;)
yeah I agree with you :p think i'll go for that one (providing some little bugger hasn't nipped in before me :rolleyes: ) so that would make it........23 days till take off :D :D ( :confused: 23 days too long :confused: ) ohhhh i cant wait !

ta very much !
not stuck in this office it wont :( ok, think positive, the last couple of months seem to have flown by (as has this year IMO)....

have u already visited the island this year?

A friend of mine has stayed there a few times and they liked them, they are close to everything which is good and quite decent inside. Have u booked them yet? 2wentys reps r based in them so watch out!!!

yeah she did say that they were, she did however say that they will not nag us to go on their trips in the way 18-30s would because of the fact they are on a set wage and not earning through commision...The lady who I booked the holiday with even said if they do then use her name and i'll be able to get compensation when I return from the holiday !! Anyway when I get there will just tell them not interested in any of their trips...

16 days to go :D
McRackin said:
Frontliners2003 said:
near the rodeo bar in san an

the mad cow!! :D

and here is a picture of the mad cow!! :p