Coming to Miami Appts 23 Sept 2009


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Hi, We are a large family, 2 adults, 4 teenagers and one six year old, first time in Ibiza, so wondered what there was to do, what the weather would be like, where the best place to eat are? We are self catering and on a fairly tight budget. Is there supermarkets near to the hotel? What are the best buys? We arrive on the wednesday and have been told to go to the hippie market, whats the best time to go there and what are the best buys? is the water park really worth £105 for us all to go in for the day? and how far is it from the Miami and how do we get there?

Sorry for all the questions, grateful for any answers xxx
i have never been that far round this resort to see the atps your as for supermaket not sure.places to eat is you choice i like when i go.has a cake bar next door to it.very nice and big inside.where the puffing billy train parks.think its built in to the panorama atps i might be wrong.never really took much notice.

map of your water park is 3 buses away.unless you have a can get the shuttle boats to playa den bossa.its a long day but i would say worth it.get up early and see what the weather is will still be hot.a little chilly at night so just a light jumper will do,

hippie market is ok.mainly handmade stuff.its on a weds.i would go say around 10am.stop a couple of hours and can get very busy.and resort is busy on that day.

if you just out for the week and get to resort not missing much really at the market.its just one of those things you can say you did.

bus time table and list above

to get to water park get the 18 to santa eularia.then the 13 to ibiza town.then 14 to playa den bossa...if you time it right takesabout 1 and 1/2 hours.its not far to pdb.its just waiting for the bus and traffic.

you might like to go to cala longa resort for the day.either again get the boat which is nice or get the 18 to s/e then the 41 to cala longa.1/2 hour away on bus or boat if that.nice little resort great beach.santa eularia is nice for 1/2 day out.if weather is dull say.just up the road from es cana.18 bus 10 mins.nice working town resort with lots of shops.nice prom.

a guy called tony on this site will really give you more info on your resort.

but if you need and more info pm ok

best if you can go out on your own say and really look up and down resort.walk up the hill turn left lots of shops and fag shop as might have to order you fags.
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Several bars along the beach from the Miami and several more in town - furthest is about 500mtrs from you.
50 mtrs away is a couple of supermarkets and 400 mtrs is the camp shop - all are good for lunch time rolls/drinks etc.
If it's your first time in the resort I guess you will go to the hippy market but more looky looky than hippies - be very careful with handbags etc - there are thieves about.
Try checking out my sites below which will give you an idea of whats around although due to Mr Gates and Microsoft I haven't updated them for a while.
Also please do not make too much noise, cuz I will also be arriving on 23rd and staying just around the corner from you in the Cala Nova hotel :)
Of course we wont make much noise, how much noise can 5 children make????? tee hee , your sleep wil be undisturbed by us anyway.

How busy will the resort be that time of year? And the most important question how far are the shops????? What are the best buys there? is it all commercial?

Sorry for the questions never been to Ibiza before, had a quick scout around the internet to get some ideas of whats what, but obviously nost of the information is heading towards the clubbers scene andbeing the grand old age of 40 i think i will embarass my kids enough laid on the beach, let alone larging it in Ibifa!!

Thank you for your help anyway off to looksie at your web pages
if you look at resort map i sent you.see where it says art 1 2 3.they are very good shops.sell allsorts of will be busy by the time you go.but numbers are down a little this year.its a very nice picture resort.caters for familys very well.just a matter of finding the right places to suit your needs.

well worth getting the bus one morning at going just down the road to santa could feed the fish at the marina.have a drink on one of the mainly nice bars along there.take a stroll along prom.then head inland to shops.its a working town so you will find normal ect.and on main road a big supermaket.

you never know if you pick the right day to go.something might be going off in the square least it will get you out and about a bit.give it a few days and i bet you will not see your teenagers.they will have made friends.

25 mins if that to get to resort just depends how busy trafffic old are the teenagers.

i will be out from the if you do go to the waterpark i might see you .as i stay in playa den bossa.your atps might do trips so price them up first.its always cheaper though doing it diy.if you can.don;t be frighten

nip on youtube there are some good video;s are your atps.looks nice
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You could also use the ferry for Eulalia.

Then there is the road train which could also be used for the other hippy market in San Carlos on a Saturday morning.

Plenty of shops within 500 mtrs of you for snacks, papers, cheap booze. Obviously not as busy as July & August but just means no queues.

Beach has water sports plus locally there is a diving school for the adventurous.

This time of year you can often go surfing on Cala Nova beach 300mtrs from you.

Loads of bars and restaurants in Es Cana and Eulalia for any type of food you fancy.

If you want more info and fancy sharing a bottle of something when you get there, let me know when and where.

Where are you flying from?
Really glad i found this site, thank you both for all your help.

Teenagers are 16, 14, 14, 14 (yes they are triplets and yes we have a tv lol) and youngest is 6

We are flying from Gatwick at stupid o clock, think its about 3am ish, but i could be wrong, its about a 4 hour drive to Gatwick as we are in Lincolnshire and last time husband took a wrong turn, so could take us longer lol

But glass or two of vino sounds good to us, as you seem to know the area let us kow where and when is best, we are staying for one week, so fly out at i think 10am ish on the following wednesday. i would love to try some of the local restuarants and not the english ones if that makes sense, i love to try new foods, and i adore tapas, its just getting the others to try it with me, got a fussy husband and kids who will try some things but only within reason, so you may find me sitting alone in a tapas and then in a brit pub having ham and chips lol

I dont know if we will get to the waterpark, i have found a company online who do tickets for roughly £15 something each, but times that by 7 and it soon mounts up, and what with the bus fares on top, we may have to give that one a miss, but will see what happens.

Three weeks tomorow and we cant wait, i want to start packing now!! need some sunshine, seems that we havent had a summer here, saying that the weather doesnt even come to Lincolnshire its too flat!!

Cheers for the advice, off for another look around the sites you gave me
First evening probably not venturing far, so Zen Sea for an hour from 7.30 then off for dinner until about 10.00 and back to same bar until about 11.30 and will then use hotel bar at Cala Nova.

If you head away from beach and town - road approach to Miami - you will see sign for Cala Nova and after about 150 mtrs a sign for Zen Sea - overlooks the Cala Nova beach.

Zen Sea and Jacaranda( near ferry point far end of beach from you) both do English, Italian and Spanish as a trial.

Speak nearer time if you want to pm me.