Cocoon's closing night @ amnesia 2002 !!!!!!



This was the party of my life !

Cool atmosphere, crazy people and pounding techno music till 11.30 am the next day thx to mr. Sven Väth who just couldn't stop playing !!!!

cya all next year @ cocoon opening party

greetz to all the 'Verruckte' German and Austrian People I have met that night: Mike & Girlfriend, Anita, Nico & Petra, Oliver, Claudia, Oscar, .....
i guess u had a fantastic time....
maaaaan, i wish i had been there too
well, i was actually in august and it was great but the closing parties are always special....
next year i'm definitely going in september :D

greets. poison ivy
Faaawwwwkkk ! ! I reaaallly wanted to be there but was sick in my hotel room in IBZ........

Heinz, how was Ritchie Hawtin and John Aquaviva ? How was the crowd...mental...packed ?

Any other crazy stuff happened ? Any Canadian flags you saw (since Hawtin and Aquaviva are Canadians).

Thanks...... Christian
I think, but i am not sure that richie hawtin hasn't played that night.
Alter ego played a very good live-set in the techno room

the guy that played before mr Väth was also bald but to our opinion it wasn't richie. If someone can tell me who it was ???

but for the house-room, i must say, i haven't been there very often, just to cool down a little :) so if aquaviva played a good set, i don't know

the crowd ? the crowd went mad, really: all happy crazy people jumping around, climbing on the stairs on the stages
it was really crazy !!!

we stayed in ibiza for 9 days in a row but next year we will probably go 3 days in june (opening cocoon) and 3 days in september (closing night cocoon) This is something i want to experience again
ill be seeing u lot in sept next year as well....
and i think you will find it was hawtin .... he looks older these
days and hes got rid of his specs for good i think......

wish i was there for the closing party.... sounds like Sven right enough... playing right through till 11:30 haha Quality

oh well ...... tonight back here in my homeland ive got Marco Carola, Slam, Bryan Zentz (live) and Derrick Carter to look forward
too..... so its not all doom and gloom without Ibiza ......

see you all next year Cocoon lovers
Coccon was a great party.... :D
It was nice to see overarm all the dancing people.

But much better was the Afterhour from Sven in PK2.
Great happy and crazy people.... ;)
thanks again to you tech-heads for sharing that night.......shit I almost have to go back next year just for the Cocoon closing......funny thing is that Vath and Hawtin played together in Montréal Canada the week b4 the closing in Ibiza (when I was in Ibiza), so I will have to wait a while b4 I see them back here I would think.....

Cheers, Christian
Gutted to have missed it-trust me to come down with Ibizan flu the day of what I bloody came over for!

Hainz-I don't know if you remember, but I apologise for talking rubbish to you in the downstairs of Pin Up for the Dance Valley party! :eek:
I saw Sven "THE MASTER" Vath in July in Cocoon and I was lucky because he mixed by surprise in Space on tuesday the day after, he mixed inside till 2.00pm and then came outside to dance with people and he ordered a magnum of champagne to share with people and we drank champagne together. I talked with him telling him that I saw him in Belgium in Fuse for his "Fire" world tour. I just saw him again last week in Belgium for Bunk-Tek, once again an amazing set. Sven Vath is THE DJ.