Cocoon closing or Space closing


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i will go back for the closing parties but i cant decide which dates
i can go from 28 sept till 5 okt so i will miss the space closing
or i can go from 1 okt till 8 okt so i will miss the cocoon closing
i really like the sound of coccon but sven will also play at the amnesia closing partie
and villalobos and luciano will play at monza so i think i will flight 1 okt
but i like to know your opinion
thanks in advance
well, in your case (and musical preferences), the choice is obvious, isn't it?

28 sep - 5 oct

--> cocoon closing
--> monza closing
--> amnesia closing ...and then straight onto the plane (depending what time you leave)
You will see Ricardo and Luciano in Monza and Sven in the Amnesia closing party, and you might even get a chance to see them in DC10 if the closing takes place as planned, not to mention the whole closing fiesta, is it really worth missing out Space closing party - Tenaglia, Digweed, Steve Lawler, Sasha just for Cocoon?!

I don't even think there is a question here, go October 1st - October 8th!

It's exactly the dates I'm going as well...
2dai i went to the travel agency
and they said the plain will leave at 7 o clock in the morning 5 oktober
so i have to leave the amnesia closing and go directly to the airport
i decide i will go the first of oktober
the space carpark is also a place i will not missed

the closing of circo is confirmed for 13 oktober
see their myspace
It's still unconfirmed, it says October 6th on the Calendar...

They might do a reunion party on the 13th like they did on previous years, but I believe that if Space is closing on the 5th, DC10 will close on the 6th, it's been like that for ever...

You gain DC10 either way...
I would go for cocoon closing and fit we love... closing in to make up for missing space closing

Is it me or do space need to get some new DJ's in for the bigger events like closing and openings?