Cocoon @ AMNESIA 2009


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In 2009, Sven and Cocoon are visiting the Isla Blanca for the tenth time now, and we would not be Cocoon if this wasn't an incentive for us to exceed the incredible season of 2008 and to offer our guests even more.

And the dates for the Tenth Season are already determined: the Grand Opening Party will be held on June 15th and the Closing Party on September 28th of 2009. These are 16 Mondays full of music, dance and energy – Cocoon Ibiza 2009!
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full cocoon 2009 lineups: (wow again...!)

15.06: Sven Väth, Chris Tietjen, Ricardo Villalobos, Cassy

22.06: Richie Hawtin, Magda, Ricardo Villalobos, Dorian Paic, Vera

29.06: Sven Väth, Mathias Kaden, Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich Live, Livio & Roby

06.07: Sven Väth, Onur Özer, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, C-rock

13.07: Sven Väth, Andre Galluzzi, Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Umho

20.07: Dubfire, Radio Slave, Loco Dice, Luciano, Arian

27.07: Sven Väth, Joris Voorn Live, Tobi Neumann, MAR-T

03.08: Sven Väth, Frank Lorber, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink

10.08: Sven Väth, Dubfire, Loco Dice, Marco Carola

17.08: Sven Väth, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Raresh, Chris Tietjen, Markus Fix

24.08: Karotte, Marco Carola, Sven Väth, Reboot Live (possibly Väth terrace gig)

31.08: Sven Väth, Cassy, Ricardo Villalobos, ZIP

07.09 Sven Väth, Tiefschwarz, Loco Dice, Dorian Paic, Federico Molinari

14.09 Sven Väth, Nick Curly, Ricardo Villalobos, DJ Sneak

21.09 : Richie Hawtin, Gaiser, Magda, Barem

28.09 : Sven Väth, Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, ZIP

(source: raveline magazine)
not really that much different from what you might hear from luciano, nick curly or even reboot.

I don't know mate, I see Sneak on the regular in Scotland- some of his sets have been near enough full on funky house :lol:

I would never have imagined him being booked for Cocoon!
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Time to celebrate: Cocoon Ibiza and 10 Years of Craziness!


The story of Sven Väth and Cocoon, and especially of Ibiza in recent years in every possible way has countless equally and often been told in detail. Interviews, press statements, party reviews, forum posts and much more - there can be hardly any room for additions. Cocoon Ibiza is and remains a cornerstone in the ibizencan party universe, every summer to the island invasion calls. The fact that we are now into the tenth year fette go, would have after the first difficult years but never dared anyone to predict. Therefore, the year 10 for us, especially the year of thanks!

First is of course a very special thank you to our guests that we supported from the outset, and to the artists who always have done and still do. At the forefront here are Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin to name, where Sven is very early to express his confidence and thus as often as his unique flair for the development of music and club culture has demonstrated. But also all other Cocoon Residents and guest DJs have done it, the sound of the island in recent years to redefine. House and Techno in its present form would no Cocoon Ibiza otherwise well understood. The performances were off the music at Cocoon also beginning to a special place. Name as the freaks from London or Rosalind "Rose" and the Bee Cocoon own performances are available for a new quality, which this year again are to be expected. Much is the anniversary this year, the American burlesque icon Dita Von Teese is a guest and on the whole we are very happy.

Last but not least, we must of course still at the Amnesia Ibiza thanks - still one of the best clubs in the world and the perfect place for Monday's Cocoon nights. Since last year, the Amnesia again a high-speed running and with the redesigned terrace now two equal floors created, so on the island they are unique.

The musically uncompromising way for Cocoon in Ibiza in the last ten years, we will of course again this year and continue to expand even more. With the reboot Offenbacher, Federico Molinari from Frankfurt label "Oslo", Livio & Roby from Romania, the UK tech-house Radio Slave Superstar, the German Shooting Star Nick Curly, and the Frenchman Guillaume & the Coutu Dumont and Chilean Jose Luis Ordenes aka Umho we welcome this year, several great new acts that exemplify the current development of House and Techno are. Among the new entrants should also live set from Joris Voorn a special highlight will be next to Sven Väth Cocoon Head of this year as much as 13 times the host will be also see the Residents of recent years back to the controllers of the two Cocoon floors. Loco Dice will play five gigs, one of them with his production partner Martin Buttrich, Richie Hawtin is three times as a guest and will, together with Magda, Gaiser, Barem Live and also a M_nus evening for Cocoon to celebrate. Marco Carola may of course also not be missed and will be there twice. Ricardo Villalobos is the central role on the Amnesia terrace and play his entire seven dates with his unique magical sound present - among other things, he is to season the Chicago house legend DJ Sneak at his side.

Apart from the last few years, known Cocoon and Cocoon Club Artists André Galluzzi, C-Rock, Chris Tietjen, Frank Lorber, Tobi Neumann Karotte and we welcome in 2009 with Markus Fix and Cassy also two new additions from our own house. By Dorian Paic, Dubfire, Josh Wink, Luciano, Matthias Kaden, Onur Özer, Raresh, Tiefschwarz, Vera, and Zip are again all the friends of the house on the White Island and, of course, this year both our Ibiza Residents Arian and Mar T from Amnesia not forgetting.

The madness goes on and so together we celebrate the year 10 on the mystical island of sun - a very special year and a magical duplicate of anniversaries! Because Cocoon Ibiza during his 10-year-old celebrates, is simultaneously the Frankfurt Cocoon Club in its fifth year. It waits for this long, hard and gray winter is a very special summer for us: 10 years Cocoon Ibiza - the party goes on!

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As part of Cocoon 10 year celebrations we will be opening the doors from 6pm next Monday with Sven Vaeth, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink, Frank Lorber and Cassy. Sven will be playing a special terrace set from 20.00-24.00.