clubs...what and where???



ello :) comin on hol 2 ibiza next year, thinkin of stayin in playa d'en bossa methinks.i was jus wonderin could ne of u tell me plz what clubs (big & small) are in the area???and roughly prices of entrance and stuff???

cheers ppl :)

Playa Den Bossa to me is the better part of the island as it's a good mix of worldwide nations, as opposed to stopping in San Antonio which seems to be a Britich colony at times. San Antonio is cheaper to stay but all the best clubs are at the East side which means you'll pay more which is worth it, El Divino, because you get easier access to Pacha in Ibiza town, Space, the best day/night bar Bora Bora and DC10 just south. But prices vary as there's that many nights at so many clubs, depending on what music you're looking for. You can pay anything from 50 Euro to 20 Euro but it all depend where you'r going, I'm going to Carl Cox's Global night @ Space (20/25 Euro), Garland @ Pin Up (20/35 Euro), Subliminal @ Pacha (Don't care how much, it'll be good) and Underwater @ Pacha (Price doesn't matter)............... when you get there look around for ticket prices at different places as some places can be cheaper sometimes. ;)
You will be looking at about 40 euros or so for Subliminal at Pacha and the drinks aiun't cheap (6 euros water, 10 euros vodka mix).

As I've said before, I'm not the biggest fan of Pacha but loads of folk love it and it's definitly worth going to.