Clubs on sale in Ibiza

The Dome Bar CD's are always a good bet, don't know if they have a new one out, I was there in June and I saw Dome 5!!! Good thing about them is you get a stack of tracks you'll never find on a usual compalation over here!!! Most of the Music Stalls in Eivissa Town have it!!!
got dome 4 & 5...there is a 6 released...
buy the cd el divino 2003 (funky latina house)..4 me the best 2003 house compilation ...
marta & berta presents welcome to ibiza (intro)
ex pression groove With or without you (cover d u2) :D
scuba Tonight(dr kucho rmx) :D
anaconda Cuba beach(laurent pautrat/clamaran) :)
bini & martini say yes
nurikan kidz excuse me (vito"junior jack" vicente :)
sergio serrano World day :D
french clones supersize
costa rica feeling u :D pur track de house tribale avec 1 sample de police every breath u take & 1 truc ki ressembe a du clamaran alert
gabriele d'andrea morning light (laurent wolf extended)
laurent wolf saxo :)
robbie rivera presents break 42 Gonna let the music move u around
wally lopez I'm coming to london
G & s project Enjoy the silence (cover d depeche mode) :)
sunset see u (fermeture..)
golden sun come back (intro "acide")
danny marquez Vibrations 2 la deep house latine
la comitiva ali bumbaye pur track 2 house latina festive :D
Boston dj's Happy deep house latina-flamenca
monkey bars yach party e.P
dr kucho it must be love :)
sergio serrano timpani episode 2 :D
full moon project Sunshine :D
david terzian radical floor
little wiches late2night(tomcraft & eniac rmx) house progressive
simple minds spaceface (space rmx) house progressive
cattaneo,cass & mangan hubdub house progressive
hybrid we'll be together (mix avec les intro-fermeture & le track de serrano timpani episode 2..d'ou le nom de hybrid)
en bonus track g & s project & ex pression groove
got space azuli 2003 :confused: (mp3)
privilège 2003 :) (mp3)
amnesia vol 8 :confused:
amnesia undreground vol 3 :confused:
las tardes en pacha 2003 :) (mp3) only 5-6 nice tracks..
pacha sumer 2003 :confused: (mp3)
hed kandi cds , :confused: so smooth
defected cd (s rivera :confused: ,roger s ,junior jack & kid creme in the house :D )
km5 r very nice deep house cd (got 2001 edition,beats vol 4 i think)
No! but they charge u on delivery postage...& u have to understand a little bit spanish language to order cds...
4 ex from france if i want to order el divino 2003 price @ 18 it gonna cost me 28 e! :x so u have to buy a few cds in order to lower the postage...
dfunky said:
I though this post was someone wanting to buy or sell a club in Ibiza

Summum or whatever it's called was for sale earlier in the season, I emailed the estate agents for a price and never got a reply, good business people :rolleyes: