Clubs close at 6 a.m.?



I heard, that the clubs in Ibiza newly have to close at 6 am. Can someone tell me, if the information ist right? I just heard it 2 days ago from a friend who ist often there.....

haben sie ein badezimmer mit badewanne oder mit dusche?
du sprichst, oder besser schreibst aber sehr gut,....pissoir is a wc for men,..where you can do your bussines standing, ha, ha!
Just got back, Eden, Es Paradis etc do I think close at 6. Amnesia was still open when we left at 6.15 on Thursday (Cream). Went to Manumission (Privilege) on Monday and left 7 - just as they were announcing that they would be carrying on till 10am.

Plus space is open nearly all day . Sunday opens at 8am but DOES close at 6 on Monday morning - don't no if it is open this long every day though.

Sorry don't know bout Pacha and El divinio etc. we ran out of cash...
HarryHotspur said:
can someone (in english) confirm whether the clubs do in fact shut shop early this year??

is it a 6am finish???

The only club we stayed till the end was Pacha (7.00am)
Hahaha i never been to ibiza and i know all this stuff, i ask questions and i do research on my dreams so i know a little about it.
I think it was this website that i saw club open and closing times.