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Hi, I’ve just book up Ibiza again this year and was wondering if you can buy ticket packages from over here. I.e. for £100 you can choose what 4 nights you want to go to, or something similar.

Please if you know of anyone selling advanced tickets packages let me know.

you can buy tickets before you go via i believe and you could buy a club pass, not sure if you can anymore....

To be honest i really can't see the point of this as you won't really save that much and you can get the tickets very easily from the bars etc...
if you can find the web site

if you can find the web site i think you can by them direct from the clubs.

not sure tho
IMHO I think it is cheaper to get your tickets out there. You always get €10 off flyers and such like. You will pay full price on the web etc.
Cheap tickets 4 clubs.
Last year I bought tickets from a stall in Eivissa town. On the harbour road a few doors down from base bar. They seemed to by 5-10 euro's cheaper than the hotel/bars. Has anybody else found a cheap supplier?[/i]
We got friendly with a great Italian guy in a bar in Ibiza Town, cheapest tickets ever from this fella. Shop around.


buy an internet printout ticket!!!!

did this a couple of years back, then stood on the door feeling like a real plum when the Spanish doormen were discussing WTF is this??

get friendly with bar people, and you can get some good deals.