Clubbing Passes


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I heard you can get these, that last for a week, and gets you into most clubs, I never came accross them in my previous visits, so I was wondering what the deal is with them. Can you get them? where? and how much?
Not really too sure if im talking about the same thing but i think the likes of 18-30's reps do deals like the one your talking about and from what ive heard your best to stay well clear. probably doesnt help ya but just thought id mention it. ;)
maybe i can shed some light

basiclly it's a con, it cost between 1000 and 1200 pestas, not sure about euro cost.
you can get them in san anto around surprise suprise the westend.
their ment to be a discount cards, but they can only be used in the bars in the westend ( gets you 1 free drink or a discount ), some of the san clubs on none club nights.
and if their is a discount on a club night say cream, it can't be used in conjunction with flyers, so your better of with out it and using the free flyers or getting a pr guy or girl to take you in a bar in the west end and get your free drink that way. note: all bars in the west will do free drinks
with every drink you buy opon entrance to a bar with a pr card in your hand.
this also applys to the sunset strip get a pr's card and get a free shot.
Thanks guys, but I'm talking about proper clubs, Pacha, Space etc etc.. although there is something very appealing about the westend ;)
it's a myth.

8) their is no other type of pass, all major club night charge full whack with out a discount unless with a flyor,
their is no such pass that get you into the clubs i am afraid.

it's myth?