club nights


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hi anyone fancy telling me what club nights would be good for me to go to this year. going for 2 weeks next wed.

i like to bop n stuff but i also like to sit and drink and drink and chat to other people where i can hear them. i went to minestry last year and i left quite soon. it wasnt to good. i went in 2001 and thought it was really good so i went back. 50euro.

also was wondering if the prices go up much this time of year to mid june as iv only ever been in mid july before?

any help will be very greatfull.

cheers joe.
cool youre going same time as me :D

get yourself to pacha, probably the best club in the world, it has the best club nights by far over the week (in my opinion) and for a nice chat what better place than the terrace 8) 8)

also check out 'angel fingers' if their there this year for one hell of an experience :p :eek: