Club Garbi or Jet


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We are looking for a place to stay this summer. We can get Garbi for about half the price as Jet. Is it worth it? Do they both have air conditioning?
wow!! me and muy friends were thinkin of the same thing. Excpet were deciding on el puerto and garba. Yeah guys any feed back would help outlots!!
When is everybody going?

Just curious when everybody is going to be in Ibiza this summer!
We will be there from June 27-July 8!
apartamento el puerto was a real nice place to stay....i was there last summer...the people who work there are real nice...the only problem with it is that its not close to anything so you are going to have to take a taxi everywhere which isnt expensive but it starts adding up. Id rather use that money for booze and other intoxicants :twisted: .
garbi is 5min from bora bora and Space... no air conditioning though, but it's not that hot (i don't know about july, i was in sept).... and by the way.... normally you just need the room to let your luggage inside, no? 8)
hope you enjoy it...
Would you suggest staying in an apartment or a hotel room? or a hostel even? where do younger people tend to go in Ibiza?
Personally, I'd go for apartments.

Hostels tend to be fairly basic with less privacyand hotels are a bit of a waste of money as they tend to include at least breakfast which if you're going out clubbing you wont be in a fit state to have! :eek:

Whilst I tended to eat out, it's still nice to have a fridge to keep beer cool and to store milk and fruit. Plus it gives you the option of cooking your own meals to keep costs down in order to save your pennies for the clubs (which you'll need!), although food is pretty cheap in restaurants anyway.

Also, Jet has a fantastic location but seems pretty dear if there's only two people in the room. Garbi seemed to have a lot of Germans there (which obviously isn't a problem) and a really shit nightclub which seemed to play cheese and were constantly trying to get the ladies in.
Whats so great about the Jet apartments? lots of people seem to talk about them...
do not stay at club garbi- no a/c and there is a guard who walks around at night with a flashlight and if you are out on the balcony he will shine the flashlight on you so you can be quiet and he walks around each floor and if your too loud in your room he will knock on your door and tell you to keep quiet.

i would much rather stay at jet..

Thanx Robo and Mimikitty! This is gonna be my first big trip that Ive ever taken and Im trying to find out as much as I can before I go so that it can be the trip of a lifetime!
when u been working in ibiza for the summer then the west end is the only place to go,sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont know nitehly, Barbie has me a little afraid to venture into the west end... lol

It really is Ibiza at its worse-pure 'Ibiza Uncovered' territory. I didn't see any trouble/drunks... anywhere else but there. Although the sunset strip in San Antonio is great and San An is the cheapest part of the island; in all senses of the word ;)

Basically, it'd stay in Playa Den Bossa. Was there last year (when I too was an Ibiza virgin) and really felt as though I made the right decision. It's got Bora Bora, Space, best beach, so close to Ibiza town (the best restaurants), fewer drunken idiots...

Hope this helps.
That totally helps Kitten's Head! I'm an Ibiza virgin and so basically Im planning out my trip based on stories I've been told or read and the advice people in the forum have been giving me! seriously I appreciate everyones input so much... without you all, I would be lost!