Club 18 - 30's ?


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Im gonna be coming out to Ibiza this summer and im going on a club 18 - 30's holiday! 8)

Im really excited but some people tell me that u have to do mad things all the time :rolleyes: erm has anyone been on one?

i just want a basic low down on what there like

thanks Lusha

be wary of 18-30 reps, they are legendary with their 'sales techniques'.

At the meeting (which I advise to avoid) they'll try and get u on every shitty little event
:( oh no

I wont be going on every event , and im gonna avoid any nudity stunts lol i dont what my butt on TV!

U dont have to go to the meetings or there events do u ? :rolleyes:
nah- but they will bug ya! Ive never been on one myself but lots of people from different groups all told me the same thing- which is they bug u to buy from them
Never been on one, but I've heard that the reps bang on your door at the crack of dawn to get you to go on excursions.
lol i dont mind getting up early 8)

Im well up 4 a mad one!

I know my boyfriend will hate it , he dont do early mornings :p
You wouldn't be saying that if you'd just got to sleep after being out clubbing!
If you're there for 2 weeks then you might want to try out a week of 18-30 stuff (Its better for singles than it is for couples though, and only if getting very drunk and very rowdy is your thing).

However if your only there for a week, avoid the 18-30 stuff. You won't get a chance to your own stuff and fit in the 18-30 stuff aswell.
funny, i always thought you were a girl!

I get that often! What is it? Some kind of girly vibe im givin out? Tell me so I can sort it before the weekend!
Lusha said:
think i will avoid most of it then!

lol oh why did i book up 18 - 30's :rolleyes:

18-30's are cheap and u prob got a good location, I wouldnt worry- ur about to have one of the best holidays! :D
Lusha said:
think i will avoid most of it then!

lol oh why did i book up 18 - 30's :rolleyes:

Because they're cheap?!

Don't worry, a friend of mine (and his girlfriend) went to Ibiza last year and were strapped for cash so went on a 18-30 in San An. He just told the rep at the very start there was no way they'd go on any of the excursions and they pretty much left them alone. They also just used the hotel as a base, so avoided most of the typical club 18-30 tom foolery.
Yer me and my bf r basically going as its cheap!

Aint gonan be in the accomadation much so i aint too fussed.

We just want good bars , clubs , beaches 2 chill :eek:)

should be sorted 8)
I worked for Club 18-30 back in 1982 in Ibiza ... Umm, I never knocked on anyone's door ! (Unless they had booked a trip )