Club 18-30 holidays



we've booked our holiday with 18-30 but have heard some bad things about them like the reps trying to force you to buy excursions and waking you early in the morning to offer you them.

has anyone been with them before and what is it really like.
Yeah, check out that other thread. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you really dont want to go on excursions dont go to the welcome meeting or just give your rep a firm 'no'! I went to Majorca on one when I was younger and we went on some of the excursions. We went on a nice boat trip but some of the other stuff was quite tacky and not really my scene. Its probably good for younger single people. Me and my boyf avoid it cos we like to do our own stuff.
Yeah, they’re basically a bunch of rip off merchants who want to take all your money for crap excursions and parade you up and down the west end on so called ‘bar crawls’ so you look like you’re on a drunken school trip.

The best thing to do is completely avoid them at all costs. Don’t go to the welcome meeting, don’t join in any of their stupid games (in fact sunbathing elsewhere is the best option) and if they ever knock on your door simply shouting ‘f u c k off’ at the top of your voice will usually do the trick.

I’ve been with them a couple of times, purely because they are generally quite cheap. I have taken some slaggings from the reps because I wasn’t willing to book their trips or join in any of their stupid games – one even called me a stuck up snob because I told him where to go when he tried to get me to join in the sing song on the coach from the airport. (May I point out they were singing the Vengaboys “Oh We’re Going to Ibiza” :rolleyes: )

I suppose they are just doing their job and people who like that sort of thing will have the time of their life.
don't buy nothing from them, infact dont even go to the welcome meeting its a waste of time....

explore the island and buy tickets from bars, keep to places like coastline, mambo, and also get a cab to ibiza town a few nights and ur find out what everyone else is up to..
Absolutely spot on advice.

A few years ago one had the cheek to ask us if we "knew how to have fun" when we declined their invitation to join their soiree at Charley's Angels / beer ferry round the island or some such nonsense...

Absolute muppets. Steer well clear at all costs.
Ekkk im going on a club 18 - 30's holiday in 8 days

I still aint sure what im gonna do :(

i think im gonna try and avoid they trips out , my boyfriend has already told me if anyone wakes him up he will nut them lol!

Hopefully they wont bug my too much!
Im goin an 18-30 holiday to ibiza tomorrow, much cheapness being the reason, so the advice is appreciated.

i had an idea of what they would be like but ive been on a few holidays now and just like to do my own thing. i was just goin 2 tell them to fook off anyway.
Lusha said:
Ekkk im going on a club 18 - 30's holiday in 8 days

I still aint sure what im gonna do :(

i think im gonna try and avoid they trips out , my boyfriend has already told me if anyone wakes him up he will nut them lol!

Hopefully they wont bug my too much!

Don't worry about it. You'll still have a fantastic holiday. You can always go to the welcome meeting and if 1 or 2 excursions look good then just go on them. Might be an opportunity to meet other people but beware some of the games they make you do can be a bit embarrassing. If your the timid type it could be a bit scarey. I'm sure in Majorca they didn't wake us up early, if they knocked the door and you didn't answer they just shoved fliers under your door and left. They don't have the time to drag everyone out of bed! :)
We stayed at the Catalina a couple of years ago and got the rooms across the front that face out to the sea (before they put those horrid railings up to stop drunken muppets falling off) and the first morning we went out to the beach, the 20's reps tried to get us to the meeting, and we said "no fanx - been here many times, not interested" and they tried the blag "but we have a ticket that means you can get back on the plane on the way back so if you don't come you won't be able to get home" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think the heat must have been getting to them!!

The only thing is, if you are unlucky enough to have a problem/accident/question they will NOT help at all which I think is totally out of order.
When we were skint a few years ago my partner and I went to Kos with 18-30s. When we first arrived in the room I noticed a broken chair stacked up against the wall but didn't think anything of it. A week later we had checked out and were killing time at the pool chatting to some of the people we had met. The rep approached us and accused us of breaking the chair. She demanded payment for it. Of course we refused and ended up in a massive arguement - she told us we would be arrested at the airport if we didn't pay. We ended up having to get hold of the senior rep and filled in a complaint form. It was soooo embarrassing as this was all in public! Never again!