Clothes ???



Quick question, what do guys usually wear to go clubbing? I understand that there is no dress code persay, but do ppl usually wear jeans, shorts, pants ??? I'm from the states and the fashion is somewhat different here than in Europe Thanks

jeans every now and again.

but for going mentel it's got to be trainers, sleeveless top, and 3/4 lenght trousers or combats.
thanks a lot for info....whats up with the wooly socks
Wooly Socks have officially become the must have item for this season! ;)
Jeans are O.K if you're just chilling out for the evening, going to a restaurant, or catching sunset; but you'll be too hot in the clubs. I wouldn't recommend shorts for clubbing - exception > you can wear shorts and a funky pair of sunglasses at Bora Bora because it's on the beach. For the nights out go with relaxed fit, light cotton blend pants - Diesel or DKNY- are good choices. An all white outfit is always an excellent choice for a special evening in Ibiza.