Closing Party Lineups




I'm planning my first Ibiza trip for this summer and was hoping to get some help.

The crew I am heading over there with all want to hit up the closing parties and plan our trip dates around the lineups. I know the closing parties are in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of September, but we were hoping to find out the lineups in advance, to decide which week to attend.

When (approximately) and where are the closing party dates and DJ lineups officially announced?

Thanks in advance for the help.
The closing party dates will be posted on this website in April/May. DJ's will be finalized and confirmed throughout the summer.

whooooa! who the h'** wants to know about CLOSING-parties as the season hasnt even begun yet!!! I´m going in August, because I personally believe that the closing parties are overrated! Judgement Sundag last year....zzzzzzzz......but that´s just my opinion.

I think that Sept however was a great time to go, especially if you don´t care about San An but prefer Ibiza town! ;)
Nick, Ive been for the closing parties for the last three years.
I always go for the last week in September, which, for the last two years had the following closings:
Sunday: Closing of We Love Sundays at Space
Monday: Closing of Manumission
Wednesday: Closing of Underwater/Subliminal at Pacha
Friday: Closing of Ministry at Pacha
Sunday: Closing of Space
Even though there was loads on, the island really has really quietened down by then and everything doesnt seem to be as packed.