Cliff Jumping In Ibiza!!



Hey all, just wondering if anyone knew of any cool places to go cliff jumping (jumping off huge rock cliffs into the ocean)???? I've seen a few pics of some places, but im not really sure where they are. Im just another thrill seeker, seekin some fun. THANKS! -ebachalypse :twisted:
i don't know any cool places, but i can supply you with some extremely dangerous fact two people were killed last year close to san an and they weren't even jumping off cliffs - they just fell. there were a lot of bad balcony/gravity disputes as well - gravity always seems to win.
please be careful.
ebachalypse said:
just wondering if anyone knew of any cool places to go cliff jumping

punta galera - great sunsets too!! 8)

well depends on how drunk you plan on becoming first S* - No seriously, this is DANGEROUS!!!!! Ask the locals! they know more than anyone else!
Your sooo right ibiza-girl! My friends and i cliff dive quite often in the summer and we never are pissed when we do it. But last year there was some young kids having a few beers and thought that they'd do a little showin' off. See my friends will get pretty crazy in the air and this one kid thought he'd pull a double and he slipped before he even got off the cliff and fell into 2 feet of water. :eek: He is still in a wheel chair. :(

Be careful.
On a beginner's level go to Cala Salada (about 10 mins north of San An in the car - follow the roadsigns) - Some nice rocks on the right hand side once you get on the beach (just in front of the villa up on the side). Not too high, but just high enough to shit you up a bit! The water's crystal clear and it's a top buzz!. Get there early though - the locals love it.
There's a wicked rock stack on the edge of the cove at Benirras beach. My crazy mate did it last year; one of his more active moments on the first day of our trip.

You need a kayak as its a bit of a swim or a boat, either way you need some form of transport and a mate to hold it steady as you try and climb up a rope dangling into the sea from an overhang, then scramble up the side of the stack.

It's easily a 25ft drop into deep water, amazing if you can make the climb!
A good place to start is the beach at los molinos, a very small beach half way between ibiza town and figuerettas, it's mainly gay and very friendly.
There's a huge rock you can climb up and dive off which is great to build up your confidence !!
take care!

hmmm stil lsounds too dangerous for me - make sure you arent intoxicated whilst doing such a risky thing! Sound like my mom now :eek: