Chesp Holidays from Scotland OR Newcastle



Hi Folks, back again.
Only 1 week to go until myself and the brother want to go to Ibiza.
Basically our idea is to walk into a Travel Agents in Edinburgh and ask for the cheapest deal for a 7 night stay in Ibiza, leaving the next day (16th August)

1) Has anyone done this before and what was your experience?

2) Would you recommend any travel agents to deal with from Edinburgh who do this sort of thing?

3) Is this the cheapest way to get to and stay in Ibiza?

I believe THE cheapest way would be flight only, then find accommodation when we get there, but a) I'd be VERY nervous about looking around for accomodation - where do you start AND it could take all day, missing out on some partying and b) would I actually save that much?

I know these questions have been asked before, but I'd be really grateful of anyone can help.....

Fae a Scotsman ....
Where are Bryton Travel?
Do you have Tel. no. or website address?
I thought about Teletext (although I'm living in Dublin, but will be flying from Scotland)....and I called them, BUT most of the deals are from London or English airports, which is no use to us.....

We can fly from Edinburgh, Glasgow or Newcastle at anytime on 16th August.....

Any other suggestions....
As I am born and bred in Newcastle and as much as I would love to have a Geordie Nation oor Airport is on English soil.

Try all big names Lunn Poly,Thomas Cook or Going Places. If you want a couple of local Newcastle travel agents I can get you some numbers.
A late deal would obviously be the cheapest but they require you to leave on specific dates so if you wanted to go next day you might have trouble.

I booked my holiday myself flying Go to London Stanstead then to Ibiza which worked out to be pretty cheap. I also booked our accomodation before we left but this was not so cheap as we got an apartment for a few of us.

Check out Thomson travel online as they do deals from Edinburgh and Glasgow and they seem to be pretty cheap.

Good luck.
all the travel agents are selling the same holidays through airtours etc so the prices are not much different but if u go to you can watch the prices drop nearer the time instead of relying on the agent but there arent many flights from edinburgh so u have to watch you dont wait to long or it will be glasgow
Cheers Tocaloca,

I'll try that one out as well....We're now considering Newcastel airport as well, as it's only 1.5 hours by train from Edinburgh..