I can't ban him - I can only delete posts in certain forums.

I can see his IP, and by the way Segs12 - I work for ntl, and only for another 2 weeks, so they can't sack me for suspending your account.
i aint being funny

i aint being funny but so the f*** what yeah sure i enjoy this forum thing but u really think i give a damn if u kick me off its good but at the end of the day:

" ladies ladies ladies Jay and Silent Bob are in the Hizz House"

Oh, look out! He's gone off into his own little Coventry world again!

I don't think Jonny threatened to kick you off the forum anyway. It sounded like the entire world wide web to me. :oops:
are u a complete twat or something?!?!?!?!?!?
Give us all a break from ur shitty posts segs82.
It's ok, he's already gone, barred disappeared, so at least none of us have to put up with him.

Feel sorry for the rest of Coventry though!