Cheap flights to Ibiza



I am planning on coming out to Ibiza from the 5th - 9th June to promote on the island - does anyone have any tips or ideas about how to get a cheap flight out there? Is it best to book now or wait until last minute?
Cheap as!!!!

30 to 35 quid each way (inc taxes) from east midlands with bmi-baby. I think they are pretty well booked up for around that time. Not surprisingly at that price
Hi, I'm a travel agent and from experience if you are booking anything less than a week it is better to book earlier coz the prices with easyjet, bmi baby etc start cheap then go up and up in price as the seats sell. If you can go for a week then charters come down nearer the time but they tend to be for fixed durations of 7, 10 or 14 nights. You will probably get something for about £100, maybe less for the time you are going.
If you don't mind getting a charter flight then try . I've used them a few times and they always seem to be the cheapest. They're also good for cheap holidays. I booked a fortnight ago for space opening (28/5 - 4/6) in Central City, Studio with A/C for two of us is £154 each. Admittedly it's with 18-30 but we'll hardly be spending any time there.

Have been on EasyJets website and is looking for around £135 for a flight at the moment. Aparently there is an easyjet 2 site? Anyone know anything?
Is it better to just book the flight out there & then try & get one back from the other end? Just seems to be cheaper to do it that way