Cheap deals




This question has probably been posted a million times before but does anyone know where I can book a cheap holiday for 2 weeks for the closing parties, going from London area?


Try, or, hopefully you will find some deals on these websites, ur best bet is probably teletext but one disadvantage with booking this way is sometimes you dont know where you will b staying until u arrive and this can b dodgy but check it out anyway.

Good luck xx
If you aren't fussy about which resort then go to a local travel agents a day or two before you want to leave and you should get good prices. If you're like me and are prepared to pay a bit extra to get the resort and apartments that you want the my travel web site has some good deal in the last minute section. I saw 2 weeks in Sept for about £300 going to Playa den Bossa. If you want San An it will be cheaper still.

I don't know so much about a package for two weeks, but I use Flightline for all flights to Spain. Really cheap - I got return flights to Ibiza for next week for £153 - booked them some time ago but other people I know got last minute flights through them for £104 inclusive of tax and that was just two weeks ago!

Good luck ;)
We got flights on BMI baby out of East midlands
£27 out
£43 back
Plus tax of course but cheap as chips :lol: