Cheap deals from Scotland ?



Myself and my wee brother are going out 16th August, but have no flights or accommodation booked. :lol:

What's the cheapest option for us? Does anyone know of companies to try for deals? :?:

We'll be going for 7 nights, and will fly out of either Edinburgh or Glasgow (we're in Falkirk). We're not that fussed about location, or type of place to stay, and would be happy to find out 1-2 days before going. ;)

Any ideas anyone? 8)
Me being a nice travel agent (and v. bored this morning) I've had a look for you.

The cheapest package I could get leaving on 16th was with Airtours staying at the Klippe apartments in San An Bay. I stayed there last year and the apartments were fairly basic but had a good pool area and were right across from the beach. They are coming in at £331 at the moment.

Airtours had a flight only for £116 and then you could maybe look at booking your accommodation seperately (thats what I've done this year). Try Worldbeds on 0208 659 4002 they had fairly good prices when we booked for July.

Hope this is of some help.

You could try and hang on for a last minute deal coz the schools have gone back up there, sometimes you'll be lucky, sometimes you won't.

Greetings from another Scot!

Having just booked my holiday to Playa Den Bossa for 14 nights (8th September-21 September) for the closing parties in Glasgow today, I would advise you to book them soon. I was expecting there to be bargains a plenty, but very few this year and availablity is very limited, especially for August. If you get the flights the day before you'll probably be able to get them dirt cheap but then that is a big risk. Do not try to get accomodation when over there as it could end in tears.

It all depends on where you want to stay. Our travel agent told us that all the 'bargains' were from about £200 for 2 weeks, but they were allocated on arrival, so you'd probably end up in a bit of a dive in San Antonio. It's a big risk. However, if you just want it as a base and don't care where you're staying then that's your best bet (Thomas Cook and Lunn Poly had a small few left)

Bearing in mind that we were booking for September, there was very little about and we paid £411 each flying from Glasgow (huge suppliment) and staying for 2 weeks in a 3 star apartments (Squash-looks nice) and insurence. This was the best we could get and we got the last room! Try looking at '' though.

I originally wanted to book flights and accomodation seperatly, but this would've worked out rather expensive when only for two people.

Good luck!
kitten's head said:
Squash-looks nice)

p d'en bossa?

stayed there june did the job 4 min b bora and space didn't complain about our after parties

mosquitoes though....
That's the one! I take it that they're not TOO noisy though? (I'll want to get a bit of sleep at some point!)

Certainly the location seems excellent. How far is it to Ibiza Town, and are the buses good?
no noise we noticed (always sleep with music on :confused: ) planes ok if doors shut bus stop nearby but we found people at bora b with a jeep who drove us about basic clean hotel didn't seem surprised by us :eek: shocked the maid a bit though...
Hi im from Stirling and me and my mate got a good deal £310 for 10 days 28th august.
We r staying in Piscis Park Hotel in San Antonio.

Call Ramsey World Travel in Stirling not sure of the number tho.
They have pretty good deals, but book soon!

Emma x
All travel agents will have exactly the same deals so it doesn't matter where you book it.

End of August is usually cheaper than September believe it or not because a lot of adults wait until then to go away. but as was sayed before everyone is selling the same holidays but this is a good way of watching the holidays drop in price dont wait to long though, u'll almost certainly end up in san an kittens head theres no real noise in playa d en bossa, ibiza towns about 40 min walk so wouldnt do it too many times, taxis can be scarce but u'll get one it might take ten mins trying to book a cheap holiday there myself but its proving expensive as i dont want to end up in san an bora bora is what eivissa is all about