Charity Sucks?


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Comic Relief - advertising campaign for acts with upcoming releases/excuse to keep Lenny Henry employed or genuine force for the good?

Do people give a quid to comic relief and think that this will sort Africa etc out? Are the problems in terms of child abuse and africa (to pick but two) not going to be solved by more money being thrown at the problem, but a change in attitude to the problem?

Should they focus on this instead of give us your cash?

I dunno the answer, just my thoughts at the moment having had some one ambush me to buy a red nose - am I actually doing any good???
Has Lenny Henry even been funny? What was that film True Identity?

Actually has Comic Relief ever been funny?

I don't mind chucking a pound in here and there, but when I choose to not when Lenny Henry appears on my goggle box telling me to do so.

Katanga my friends. My @rse.
I have to say I did buy a nose this year and a whoppee cushion :lol: - couldnt resist when I was in Sainsburys.

But I rarely watch the actual show.......find it goes on too long.
Hey think yourselves lucky!! - we are doing a Red Nose WEEK at work :eek::eek:

However I have spent £6 so far this week cos every day they are selling cakes - 3 for a £1 - so I am purchasing cake every day which makes me feel kind of weird - getting fat to help the starving orphans in Africa..... :?:?:?:?
It must appeal to some people as it's a big industry, but god it makes me want to eat my own skin. ****ing roundabout of desperate twats whose only motivation is to keep their tired faces on the telly. Shameful display. I don't care if i sound cynical, but it's tired and ****e.

Those celebrities who climbed Kilimanjaro, i'm not sure what that was all about. Who pays celebrity's to climb mountains? does it rasie money? Is there not a better way for them to raise money than sending their pampered arses on a foreign holiday?

I think their "ordeal" may be lost on most of Britain's population who are "climbing mountains" (ahem thenk yew:lol:) everyday due to the ****ing recession.

So, in summary, I think comic relief is ...........pap.
Are they the Jamie Oliver ones made with strawberries? :lol::lol::lol:

I wish!!!

No people make random types of cup cakes and bring them in - the last batch looked tragic - she had squashed all 53 fairycakes into a large tupperware and all the icing and sprinkly bits were battered to hell....... looked like a car crash - tasted average... :lol::lol::lol: