Central City Apartments, San An

No its one of if not the worst hotel in ibiza. i havent stayed there but i had the displeasure of going back to party there with some randoms a few years ago and couldnt believe how much of a **** tip it was. Id be devistated if i was stayin at this ****hole.

why are u staying there?
Stayed there a fews years ago. Horrible place. 18-30's hell hole.
Hardly any rooms have balconies. Our self catering apartment was tiny, more like a single room than an apartment, the 2 single beds had to be pushed together so they'd fit in the room! Plus anypne over a size 12 would struggle to get into the bathroom as the door hit the sink.
not the safest of hotels either.i stayed there in 2001 on a cheapo.glad it was only for a week.when its rains it floods some floors.

ok for a budget hotel i guess.i only paid £79.00 inc flight.but had to travel 160 miles to gatwick and pay £50.00 parking car.mine you between 3 of us not bad.very tight small rooms.thin walls.

i bet even worst now its a gps hotel
Offt, doesn't sound too good :eek: Just checked with the travel agent and cant get it changed now. At least I shouldn't be spending too much time there...
thanks for the feedback though!! :)
i think i read that this place was refurbished a few years ago. Location is good on a small positive note
All all fairness your not gonna be spending alot of your time in the hotel are you. I was only joking on my other post. I wouldnt care were I stayed aslong as you are on the white isle