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Do they have cell phone tickets in Ibiza?

I have been clubbing a couple of times in the past several years in Los Angeles and they had cell phone tickets. This is where you can show the personnel at the door of the club that you bought a ticket on your cell phone. It shows your name and some kind of bar code that can be scanned. It works well enough. Saves paper.

The name of the app they were using in LA was Eventbrite, but I don't expect it would be the same on Ibiza. The reason I ask is because I typically by my tickets online, but without a printer I'm not sure how that would play out. I try to avoid paying at the door.

Maybe my hotel will have a printer for this... I should email them as well as post this thread! :)


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I’ve never had problems showing the tickets I’ve bought from here on my phone. I seem to remember there being one exception though, but not sure