Casita Blanca??



:D I'm soooooooo excited only 13days till I'm on the sunny isle!!! Just wondering if anyone's ever stayed at the Casita Blanca apartments & what they're like.

Cheers XXX
ive never stayed there before but im staying there on july 27th to august looks like its gna be ok tho.
I stayed there last Year. Not bad really, not exactly the Ritz but the rooms are clean and the pool and bar are ok. Have a good one!
I too stayed there last year 27th July till 10th Aug (Same as pinklaydee
will be this year, lucky so and so ;) ). Not a bad apartment considering the price, just make sure you do all u can to torment fernando the doorman!
Cheers guys, can't believe I'm going this Sunday if anyones there next week look out for the girl dressed as an angel in Manumission!!!!!!