Casita Blanca Apts


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any one else stayin ain the casita blanca apts... im goin be there in 30 days time, cant bloody wait.

leave comments if ur goin
if uve stayed there b4 ...
im staying there for two weeks from the 28th know someone who has stayed there before said it was good
well i stayed there in May and it was awesome. the reps are abit of a pain but quite funny. there is one rep there called pete who is an absolute watch him! do not get roped into doing the reunion at xmas time cos it is a complete waste of money!

the food is nice, can i recomend the full english breakfast to settle the hangover feeling!

the pool is reall nice but kinda cold, dont know if this will change as ibiza gets hotter

the actual rooms are spacious and tidy. However the security is useless as all the balconies are joined together making it easy for anyone random to get into your room as the doors do not lock properly!

there is a small news agents 2 seconds away from the hotel...good for the cheap wine if you like that sorta thing. and can i also recomend 'club sandwich'....sells awesome food.

you will have a good time
stayed there last year , sound aparments but just watch those goddam reps they'll try get every penny out o u. dont sign up to any trips just do ur own thing and u'll be fine. 8)
dont like the sound of them balconies. other than that sounds like ive picked ok.

are there any Safes in the hotel that can be used? sound a bit easy to get robbed in there and i dont want that
Yeah there are safes in every apartment. its a fairly nice place, very lively just be ready for the bar booming music out at about 9 in the mornin