Casita Blanca Apartments


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Good things

The Bar food is excelent and at a good price breakfasts are as english as ive seen them (english sausage and good bacon)

Rooms are of a good size

Pool area is good

if you have a balcony at the back you get view of the hills and the sunrise

Bad things
Its quite a walk from anywere

only 1 bar/ resturant anywere near it so you have to walk quite a way to find anywere else to eat

the rooms get uncomfortably hot

the cleaners only come 4 times in two weeks (not good in the heat when you sweat on your bed and shower twice a day)

although its out the way if you face the pool its allways noisy and there is no privecy.

All in all i had a good time there nothing was ban enough to ruin my holiday but ive stayed in better in ibiza so i wouldnt go back there
I stayed in Casita Blanca apartments with two of my friends this year. They were in a good position and have a good atmosphere. Our room was hot but we hired a fan so this helped. I dont think there was much noise either.

I think these apartments were very good and we are thinking about returning next year.
I was there a few years ago - Do they still play the same cd over and over from 9am - 10pm? I must have heard that Fugees song 10,000 times in a week..... One time!.... Two Times.................................
It was mental torture :x
Stayed there this year, certainly one of the best 18-30's places around and if you like your hotel noisy with a great atmosphere all the time then it's definately worth checking out!!

I agree about the rooms getting too hot, we were dying some nights! (or should I say mornings ;))

Also no they didn't have that Fugee's CD on this year, though we did have a new 'repetitive 9am-10pm' CD and that was the Satisfaction single CD repeating on loop over and over, complete with about 4 remixes of it aggggggghhhhhhh :x