Carling Cup Draw

That should be a tasty one indeed

Got relatives in Essex

The dad is Millwall thru and thru, grew up near their park

His son and son-in-law are 100% hammers

should be interesting watching that one together
I reckon the Scottish teams should enter in the Carling Cup! Would make it a damn sight more attractive as a competition (for me at least). I can't see why it would bother UEFA too much either, as cross-association competitions already exist (i.e. Setanta Cup).

Was this not discussed a while back or am I imagining things? :?:
Am I right in thinking the Millwall fans will smash some heads? :lol:

They will turn up that's for sure. Think they have been given round 3000 which was reduced to 1500 but then they gave another 800 yesterday. The problem is if you don't give them enough tickets they will just turn up and cause chaos picking off stragglers before the kick off. Dibble may as well put them in the ground so they know where they are. Also if you don't give them enough tickets they will buy tickets in the home end or just steam the turnstiles.

They will probably dish out a few slaps to people in shirts with kids usually bully boy stuff. Ham usually roll out the old boy brigade for certain fixtures like this and be out early. Most of the agg will be going on from around 10am in the morning probably till 10am the following morning. The ground is probably the safest place to be!!

Missus is not happy as it is our 4 year anniversary and we were due to go out for dinner the same night. Needless to say there will be other anniversaries.
as fixtures go this is pwopa nawtee...

realtiy though... cctv and stiff sentencing have almost driven hooliganism out of the game. there'll be minor scuffles throughout london, but the police will be all over this like a lamp shade.

speaking of violence... i went to the tipp v waterford munster hurling final in ireland this year... concrete terraces, barbed wire fencing, mass brawls in the ground and several more after... it was like stepping back into the 80s here.
The Gaelic sports had a bit of a reputation for getting violent on the pitch a couple of years back.

Mind you... hurling just looks like two sides going out to knock seven lumps out of eachother!
Not married Grego. Yet. That conversation rears it's mooey every few weeks. Usually a pair of shoes or some dough makes her change the subject.

WLS - Yep you are right. There will be pockets of ag throughout the day but the old bill will be on top of any mob that tries moving in a mob like way.

As said any bother will be early doors round various parts of London. Nothing near the ground till nearer kick off time as everyone remembers why they have drinking since 10am and starts descending towards the home of football.
re: milwall - my local club although I would rather go to a negligent dentist than watch a game there.
Millwall still living off past reputations, altough West Ham v Millwall will ALWAYS cause a headache for the OB it's not what it was, shall we say.
Don't be fooled. This is both club's main rivals. History between the clubs/fans goes back over 100 years noth East End clubs with working class backgrounds round the docks.

As this fixture is not played very often makes it very special, even more so that this is an evening kick off rather than Sunday at midday. Think last time they played holds the record for most police at British sporting event.

Both sets of fans/players will be chomping at the bit. Usually West Ham would rest players for the Carling Cup but they are talking of resting them for the Spurs game which everyone seems to have forgotten about. Which basically shows up how much more important this game is than Bungpuss n co at home on Sunday.

This fixture brings every Herbert out the woodwork for the day, young and old or fat and bald, they will be out.