Car rentals, taxis, maps and directions from airport



What is the best route to take to get from the airport to the Royal Plaza hotel? Are street signs in Ibiza clear and easy to see at night?
I am planning to reserve a rental car, but it's too late to get a map of Ibiza in the mail before I leave for the trip.
I would think the car retal place will have maps at the airport, but I arrive late at night and I would like to have a good idea of the route before I arrive in Ibiza.
The maps I found online are not detailed enough to follow.
I suppose I could just take taxi to the hotel that night, but then I would have to go back the next day to pick up the car and a few taxi rides would be as expensive as renting a car.
Does Carjet have an office near the hotel or just at the airport?
i assume that you are north american.
i would think carefully about hiring a car immediately because
are you familiar with manual gear change cars
are you familiar with european driving etiquette
are you familiar with the different road layouts, roundabouts etc

ibicencan road signs are exactly the same as in the rest of europe and the road from the airport into town ( it's one road) is well signed - follow 'eivissa' when you see macdonalds you are entering ibiza town via the avenida espana. at the lights at the end turn left into ignacio wallis and go through the lights at KFC, the hotel is signposted after this to the right.
the hotel will help you to hire a car which will be delivered to the hotel and you can drop off at the airport on the way back.

how's that?