Car rental....


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....anyone know any trustworthy car rentals for those aged 22 and below.

Found a few online but have got bad experience in Malia of being stung for a £1k after renting some mopeds and writing them off.

We want to get a car, but want to be sure of who we are renting from. When we went to Malia we ended up renting from the local mafiosa, he looked Tony Montana and sent round the local heavies.

So any good advice will be well heeded this time around. Especially in the Playa Den Bossa region. Most places say you have to be over 23.

Not really surprised you had a bad experience,after "renting some mopeds and writing them off" :eek: stick with the local Tony Montana's,they will always rent to you!

and you will always pay...:twisted: