Car Parking / Driver wanted



In previous years I have always had a very hard time finding parking in the Ibiza town at night. I usually want to go to the Dome or Angelo's in the old city at around midnight. I don't mind paying for parking. Any suggestions? Anyone have a parking pass for Dalt Villa they could rent to me for the last 2 weeks of Aug?

Also I was wondering if there is a responsible person who could act as a driver for us - -pick us up at our house at night (villa near the airport) - drive us into the old city - to the clubs - and home. I don't like to drive while intoxicated and that seems to always be the case in Ibiza. I also don't like to spend 45mins looking for parking.

Any ideas?
I have tried Taxis, but the house where I am staying is very difficult for them to find and i have had lots of trouble getting a cab when I need one(i.e. at 9AM coming out of Amnesia)
Fair play. But, on a side note, if you know you're going to x club 'til x time, you can book a taxi. Any driver should be able sort it out for you (ie on the way to the club).

You could arrange to meet at a set location and time. You will be given some kind of reference code to prove that you are who booked it.

Hope that will make life a little easier if you choose the atxi option any time.