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Where can I find cheap car hire in Ibiza. I hired an open-top jeep last year, but can't remember the name of the hiring company (it was not far from the MotoSud company, beside McDonalds).

I am 33, with a full licence and no penalty points. I am hoping to arrive in Ibiza either last week in July or 1st week in August. Does anyone know prices etc.....THANKS .... 8)
Go to the road at the bottom of the West End that takes you to Cafe Del Mar. Just before the Tattoo shop there is somehwere that you can exchange cash and hire cars. It is owned by a Scottish women who will give you a great deal on decent cars and not death traps. :eek:
Cheers Dirk, do you know the name of the place, or how I can contact her before I leave?

it's just these places get booked so far in advance.
Head down to the bottom of the west end, near to the doctors is a rental company called Moto Luis, i hired a jeep from them and it was very reasonably priced.
We hired a daewoo MATIZ for 3 days : 109 EUROS (Europcar...everywhere)
and a NEW Renault Clio for 2 days : 85 EUROS (Auto Union...everywhere two).
Both having AC and ... yes ...DANCE FM 91.7
About motoluis i hired last year a car ( rather 4 coz i changed my mind 3 times,regular car,jeep who had pb with keeping the road straight the guy didn't want to believe me,convertible car 306,convertible car megane renault) at the same place as carolinearcher & :confused: they f***ed me up for 3 half day of renting car when i trade the car (half day of renting car 4 a regulal one it's not a big deal 23 euros but for convertible car it increases to 60-75 euros,i'm good at math(scientific studies) but i was so beat that i only noticed it once done)
:( in figueretes 2 years ago i hired convertible car but it was an old model (no cdplayer,no toot, spedd limit to 60 miles...) & the last day in ibiza the car fell breakdown=>it ruined my last day ...
So B watchful!
Hiring car; is it worth it?

Are there parking spots for people who have hired cars at hotels and clubs? Do they charge parking fee? How much is the average cost of a taxi around town say from san antonio to town of ibiza. Is it worth it?
There are parkingplaces enough in Ibiza-city. But beware: in the city-center you have to pay! And I saw them checking a lot this year. Those places are free till 16:00 or 17:00, after it very busy during the evenings and night.. in the morning the cars are leaving again.

A little bit farther than Burger King (@ the harbour) you find a big parking place behind a building, follow the signs. But beware, you don't have to pay for it although there is standing someone. Just go on the parking place the first to the left (not a sand-path) and to the smaller parking place besides the big one... you can just put your car there and you don;t have to pay!
parking place

4 club there r parking place.( but it 's quickly filled in privilege,last year f***in mess when trying to park my car, then decided to quit & had difficulties to get out my car from here (how to deal with if in a narrow street 2 car going in the opposite ways? & many behind U).
4 placed used by taxi & bus there only a blue triangle on the floor,not written taxi ,i 've been trapped in the roundabout in san antonio & after being to savannah at 2 am i was surprised not to see my jeep( :x who's the scumbz who stole my car?)=>they took it & :cry: it cost me about 90-135 euros to get back my jeep (10am to 07 am full price oustanding ticket!)
:x Don't forget these kind of pick up cars (i forget the word in english) work all day & all of the night! (t ;) he KINKS) & don't b surprised if once u don't see your car
The exit for cars from the parking @ Privilege is back in the parkingplace at the right of Privilege... not lighted, not signed... but one way...;)
I'm still uinsure of where to go, I wish I could remember the name of that one last year....any ideas? Think Main road from Ibiza Town to San Antonio, you pass a McDonalds on right, where that MotoSud is, there is a car hire place in that village, buit I forget the name of it. The car hire place looks like a shop, the cars are kept underground.

As for car parking, watch out, in some parts it's which side of the street you park on, for example I parked the jeep in the street, along with other cars, and when I came back, car stolen? NO It had been TOWED away by the police. Thankfully there was a VERY kind guy in a newsagents, explained to me what had happened, it happened to his wife as well. He called the police station, and I walked the 2 mile or so to the police station (near the GoKart track).

The older police woman was VERY nice and helpful, although couldn't speak english, the younger p[olice woman (not bad looking either) was just trying to be awkward, wanted me to get go back to my apartment (miles away) pick up my passort etc. etc, Anyway the older one intervened and I had to pay about £45 to get it back. In the meantime a moped crashed into the Police pick up truck turning into the police station.

ADVICE - If you do hire a car, when driving it keep ALL your docs on you (Passport, Licence, Hire Agreement).....

Still can't remember the name of that place,
Booking renting car by internet

:confused: Eventhough i tell u rather bad stuff about motoluis it doesn't prevent me from going back there this summer.I've just did it by their website & u know what?the woman reminds of me (ok i told that last year i changed 3 times my car & get a crashcar :p She also reminds of the 2 hotel i have been last august.(maybe they got a database with all their customer from past years...or :lol: maybe because of me...)
Last year I hired with and was VERY impressed with their service. A group B car is about 30 euros per day and that includes collision damage & theft excess waiver (If you crash it or lose it...NO CHARGE!!) :D is cheaper but doesn't include the excess waiver. Basically if you want to take the risk then this will be cheaper.
Re: parking place

FallenangelGparsons said:
it 's quickly filled in privilege,last year *beep*in mess when trying to park my car, then decided to quit & had difficulties to get out my car from here (how to deal with if in a narrow street 2 car going in the opposite ways? & many behind U)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Parking in ibiza town

If your going to the port, el divino, pacha etc heres a tip

if you come past the port amd head towards pacha/el divino on the road with the macdonalds on it, take the last right turn at the end of all the shops etc.

If you go down to the bottom theres a big open car park thats used by all the locals - it costs 3 euros to park

we used it a lot this year,
at this moment in time and up to now there are NO car parks in ibiza where you must pay. the car park you mention is not a pay car park, the man with green waistcoat charging you money is not allowed to do this.