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Pilgrimage to Ibiza 2002 (Sep 7-18)

Coles Notes Version :

1st 7 days : Brilliant, Bangin’, Beautiful ! ! Last 4 days : sick as a dog (E. Coli) :( :(

Long version :

Arrive on Saturday 7 Sep around 11 AM. Go to hotel Torre Del Mar at Playa d’en Bossa, put swim shorts on and later go to Bora Bora for some funky house under the sun and 27 C weather ! The place was packed and only met up with Lindsay from Vancouver, Canada and Thiago from Brazil from the Ibiza Spotlight message board and could not find the other 8 + people that were supposed to be there due to the sheer number of partiers. Oh yeah, the hotel was beautiful, inside and out, air conditioning worked beautifully, very quiet and clean, well it is a 4 star hotel after all ! I suggest it to anyone !

Sat. 7 Sep/02
Having planned to commence my retreat to coincide with the Almighty Danny Tenaglia, I head over to Privilege (world’s biggest club) around 12:30 AM. DT was controlling things from 8 PM to 8 AM. When I got there, he already had the place under his spell. Having never seen him before, I had high hopes and he did not disappoint ! He was in the middle of the swimming pool at the center of the club, where the dj setup is. From the dance floor to him was roughly 10 feet, so you could really see him up close and feel the immense energy he was feeding the crowd with his 2 spotlights he was skillfully maneuvering in unison to the phat beats he was laying down. He was having a blast spinning and he loves to interact with the crowd.

I estimate the crowd that night was about 3 000 people, so it was not super-packed, and there was room to dance which was nice. He spun a light remix of Eurhythmics “Sweet Dreams” which, as expected, nearly everyone ate up ! As I was hoping to hear in his trademark mix, he obliged and teased us with the sweet sweet baseline of KOT’s “finally”, looping it for several minutes into the track until he finally dropped it ……a classic track laid down the way it should be ! Around 8 AM, he played what seemed to be a 12 minute version of Rui Da Silva’s “touch me” (I think he ran to the washroom during this!), nonetheless, I love that track and it was a good time of the night to hear it too…..he chatted on the mic about 3 X during the evening, at 9 AM he stated he had to start thinking about packing it up as he needed some breakfast….so…..I threw him a powerbar ! ! He caught it and ate it ! So the grooves continued until 9:30 AM….the last 30 minutes he spun mainly remixes of 80’s tracks, but with a housey taste….there was probably about 300 people left at that point…...oh yeah, around 8 AM, 4 people jumped into the pool, why ? because DT threw a record in there and some die hard fans will do anything ! ! Funny sight, too bad they all got kicked out, but the dude got a piece of history with him !

I got a ride with some other people that went to Space After party (the start of the 22 hour madness) where Satoshi Tomeii was spinning at that time, but I wanted to save some energy for DC 10 and went home for some sleep.

Mon. 9 Sep/02
Arrive at DC 10 around noon (place opens around 9 AM I think). Get there to a pitch black main room where there are a few people dancing to some twisted and dark house. Hmmm, the action must be out in the terrace, indeed ! DJ Tanya Vulkano was laying down some tribal beats to a half-packed terrace (looks like a jail yard with the 4 tall cement walls, but lots of sunshine was hitting us through the intermittently installed sun shades. Many people start arriving around 3 PM and by 5 PM you can hardly move around. Who is that ? :eek: God it is Danny Tenaglia…….hurry get my camera, he is cool with having a pic taken with me, wikked ! Shake his hand and let him dance / mingle in peace. And yes, around 6 PM, he jumps on the decks and the place erupts ! ! One of those legendary impromptu sets ! A party with DT up close and personal ! He spun a track he had played at Privilege that has the phattest baseline ! …it sounds like Embargo’s self-entitled track, but mellower, with the same blips, but thicker/slower baseline punch. Met 2 fellow Canadians at the party (damn they know how to pick a good party!) Alfredo from Hamilton and Nick from Edmonton, wikked to chat it up with them ! I found the crowd to be the club connoisseur type and pretty friendly. Sadly, it ended at 9:30 PM and I decided to call it a night.

Tuesday&Wed 10-11 Sep/02
Went to Bora Bora for these 2 days for more beachside mayhem. Met up with Germans, Russians, an Aussi, and a real cool Mexican-American ! Met Sarah “smalljinx” for the IBZ msg board and her 2 friends, was really cool to chill and chat ! Oh, and a couple from Amsterdam that have their own “love palace” business. Saw Danny Tenaglia on those 2 days. On one of those, his assistant was giving out “Be Yourself Ibiza 2002, autographed T shirts” to which I got the last one ! :D (will I ever dare to wear it !) He remembered the power bar I had given him a few days ago. DT actually got up on a table and danced ! Not too many people seemed to recognize him with his hat and shades, he just wanted to party like the rest of us ! Pretty down to earth guy !

Wed. 11 Sep/02
After watching CNN and being depressed from the sights / devastation, I head to Bora Bora for the ever-present positive vibes and up fer it party people ! Get there, and almost forget my name I am having so much fun ! Two tracks I lost it to at Bora Bora during this trip : :twisted: :twisted: “take me with you” by Cosmos and “right on” by Silicone Soul…...Brilliant ! !

Go to the very posh / classy Pacha around 12:30 AM for the infamous Underwater / Subliminal party. Place is nearly empty, but gets from that to rammed in about 1 hour’s time. Seb Fontaine jumps on around 2 AM I think and spun a truly progressive set that really got me in a trance, spot on mixing ! I was on stage during most of his set as it was the only place I could dance without being elbowed every 30 seconds and the view of the dj and crowd was amazing. The 12 other partiers and I got kicked off around 3:30 AM when the dressed up show dude needed to do his thing….I was like….whatever ! 4 AM comes around and ERICK MORILLO graces the decks and starts it up with none other than Ibiza Anthem “Love Story” by Layo and Bushwacka ! the place just explodes ! ! :!: But before this he states “I want to dedicate my set to the victims of Sept. 11”…..touching, and seemingly legitimate dedication. Throughout the night, we hear “it just won’t do”, “shiny disco balls” (which Erick looped and sampled the hell out of until we begged for mercy !), “psycho x-girlfriend”. Met up with a nice gent and his wife from Hong Kong…..who stated “I really like this rave”, his wife had glow sticks (the only one there with the stix), the dude then gave me two unopened packages of stix, I said thanks, but, ahem, kept them for maybe another night ! Stayed until the end (7 AM), but was in a good groove, did not want the party to end. Went to the beach to admire the sunset and chill out, took it easy, as tonight was going to be another big night !

Thurs. 12 Sep/02
Arrive around 1 AM, hardly a queue. Met up with 3 aussi girls, chatted outside for a while and then entered with them. Went to the washroom and did not see them for the rest of the night in zoo of 3000+ people. But again, I guess I was in my own world ! The place was going off like an ammunition warehouse in Afghanistan ! Chris Liebing was relentlessly laying down sick techno and fiddling with any and all the buttons he could get his hands on to get his desired effect…….and the crowd was avin it large ! Liebing had this huge smile on his face and had his hand in the air when not on vinyl. His track selection was varied and fresh. The sound system was just monstrous, yet clear sounding. The ice jets were always welcomed, and would extend over 60 feet…..freakin’ felt like we were below a space shuttle taking off ! Coxy jumped on around 3:30 I think. As usual, he did not disappoint with impeccable mixing. He dropped a tech remix of Underworld’s “2 months off” and of course the masses showed da man some love ! I would have wished that Coxy would have laid down funky, tribally techno though…..his set seemed to be just bang bang bang, not enough other influences. Not a big deal.

Freaking thing : 6:30 AM, behind Coxy spinning, chat it up with Melanie (whom I meet for the 1st time in my life), she finds out I am Canadian and immediately establishes I am from the Ibiza message board and it turns out her boyfriend is Kevin (Phat Kev) and I was supposed to meet up with he and she a few days ago at Bora Bora, but we just did not connect……but we did now ! :eek: Really cool to hang with them ! 7 AM lights were on ! nnooooooo !

Fri 13 Sep/02
Rent a motorcycle and meet up with Phat Kev and Mel as previously arranged and with two Belgian hippies at Café del Mar for a nice sunset and sangrias.

Sat 14 Sep/02
Wake up and feel like a transport truck ran over me, backed up, and ran over me again. Need all my strength to go to the bathroom. What the $?%&# !

Sun 15 Sep/02
Health still poor, go to hospital, manage to tell the Physician I feel like absolute crap. I get antibiotics.

Mon 16 Sep/02
Still feel like shit. Throwing up, etc…. Unable to go to one of my most anticipated events held that night : Cocoon closing party @ Amnesia with Sven Vath, Ritchie Hawtin, John Acquaviva and Alter EGO live. Why God why must I be sick ? ? ?

Tues 17 Sep/02
Feel a bit better. Enough energy to go out and buy t shirts for friends back home. Fighting nasty stomach cramps. Not feeling well enough to hit the Gods Kitchen encore closing party that night with Fergie and other big name dj’s.

Wed. 18 Sep/02 7:45 AM plane leaves Ibiza. Fell better again.

Arrive in Canada, Doctor says I very likely got E Coli from water / food. Although I never drank the water, I did brush my teeth with tap water and was stupid enough to clean grapes with it and rinsed my hydration pack too. D’ohhh ! ! Also, the last meal I ate before falling sick was a chicken Gyro in San Antonio, so maybe…….. I am now prescribed Cipro. It is now 23 Sep and I am pretty much 100 % and can reminisce on the madness that recently took place.

Having gone alone, I met up with so many cool people that there was always something going on…..simply chat it up at Bora Bora and you have some connections in no time…..just have to not be shy and find the friendly / cool people to shmooze with ! And my little secret that I will share with you… Mountain Equipment Coop Platypus (personal hydration) backpack saved me probably 300 Euros in water / drinks. Of course the doormen asked what was in it and sometimes looked in, but I hid the tubes and put hygiene items on top of the bladder and it was all good ! At pasha, I put ice cubes in it and filled it (2 liters)with Red Bull at my hotel……so sweet….no lineups for drinks….no $ spent….and my camera was always stashed in a secret compartment ! Space was a close call, but I managed to get my 2 liters of iced tea in ! Yeah, I know, cheap Canadian bastard ! J

Regrets : like last year, I did not get to explore the island on the motorcycle I rented as much as I would have. So many things to do. Had I not fallen sick I would have gone to the North and West of the Island for sure. Not having taken the ferry to Formentera.

Thumbs down : 7 Euros for a coke and 4-5 for water ? That is highway robbery ! Do the club owners need a few clubbers to die of dehydration before they have reasonable prices ? :x Is 40-50 Euros entry price not enough to satisfy their thirst for money ? Smoking in every public place by everyone and their dog ! cough cough !

Thumbs up : Bora Bora for the free parties, off the hook vibe and happy people that attend there ! Ibiza spotlight website and message board for the loads of information and nice people that inhabit the board !

Will I go again next year ? We’ll see ! ! I’ll probably get the itch again……..damn….caught it already !

Christian ;)
a beautiful, heartfelt review christian. pleasure reading it!

love the backpack with secret compartment idea!!
I can't stand anymore of these Be Yourself Reviews at Privelege! For some f - uped reason we never made it! Even with free passes! I'm so jealsous!
Salut Christian !!!

I was sad to hear about your water poisoning problem and extremely happy to hear about the rest ! Dude, you really made the most of it ! My Goodness...

I enjoyed your report as a whole but found specially funny the part about the glowsticks at Pacha (hahaha) and specially incredible the part about the power bar to Danny T (now that´s a fan !)

You´re definitely right about Bora Bora - the place to be and meet people.

I asked Amber/Lindsay from Vancouver about you and she didn´t have news... now here comes Le Danseur in GRAND STYLE !!! Very pleased to hear about you, fella. I posted a review as well...

Hope you recover soon.

Kudos to a great review!!!

I am going it alone next year for my first time and now I have no worries.

Hope to meet some of you (thanks to this forum) there. I am so excited and this site totally gets me pumped. There are some really cool people out there and it you who make the difference.