can marçà caves


NY Cutie

HELP! I am coming to IBIZA next week and I am so happy that I found this site! This is my fifth trip to the island...can someone please explain how to find the can marçà caves.

Cannot wait to get back to the island. Is there anthing else that we are missing???
Cool - never heard of the caves myself, but just seen some pictures and wow they look cool - think I might visit them also.

You go to San Miguel. In the village the last street, you turn to the right side and follow the signs "Port San Miguel" and "Grotte, Cueva, Cave".

The cave is open :

In the summer 10.30 - 20.30 o´clock

In the winter 11.00 - 18.00 o´clock

The tickets costs:

adulds € 5,50

childs € 3,00

Toffer :) :)
it's ok, but

Cova de Can Marça is Ok, but pretty small. Lots of fairy lights. They have a v tacky tho fun artifical waterfall that they turn on with a switch and a tape of 70s prog-sters Tangerine Dream. :rolleyes:
Nice for a chillout day and worth a visit (they are not hard to find once you find the resort they are near. Probably not the best place if you are a bit comedowny though :) The whole area is really nice so it make sense to take a drive up there one afternoon. The views are stunning all along the coast there.

Was it just me or did that waterfall go on for a LOT longer than they can really get away with??? Yup thought so :)
Thanks for all the help! I hope we find it ;)

Leaving NY this Thursday for Ibiza....2 weeks of fun in the sun!