Cameras not allowed?!


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Is it true that cameras arent allowed in the big clubs? Which clubs do/dont allow cameras in coz I dont want 2 get it taken off me!!:(
Why don’t clubs in Ibiza allow cameras?

11 August, 2008 | 1.11PM

Numerous clubbers had their bags searched and their cameras confiscated at Space nightclub in Ibiza last night.
Even We Love...’s own cameramen weren’t allowed to film the Chemical Brothers playing their set.
The clubs’ justification for this used to be that they didn’t want people stealing their interior designs. Now it’s rumoured that it’s because they don’t want people uploading footage to YouTube and giving the club a bad name.
Some guy at Space last night – whose job it was to knock people’s cameras out of their hands as they were taking photographs – said that he worked for ‘We Love…’ and that his boss had asked him to stand by the DJ booth and stop people from filming because it distracts the Chemical Brothers while they’re trying to DJ. And they’re going to notice the flash from a consumer camera with all the strobe lights on them, are they?


Smile for the camera
The smiley face symbol (which Space uses as its logo) may seem like a bit of a gimmick in today’s society, but it represents so much.
This season is the 20th anniversary of the Second Summer of Love, but it seems that today there’s a real lack of love.
The rave revolution was a release from Thatcher’s government and the whole point was to come together as one against the establishment. So why are we now censoring ourselves?
We live in a free society, and Ibiza represents freedom, so surely we have should be free to capture some of our memories on film? And doesn’t paying a 70 Euro entrance give us any rights?
We’re sure that the clubs would claim that charging us 3 Euros to hold onto our cameras is an incentive for people not to bring their cameras with them next time but we suspect that it’s yet another way for superclubs to make a little more money.


Security: Employed to stop clubbers taking pictures
And what we want to know is; if your camera is broken, stolen or given to the wrong person, is it insured? Doubtful.
Not to mention, the clubs are fighting a losing battle. Technology is only going to get smaller and more mobile - it won’t be long before all mobile phones have 5 megapixel video quality.
What will they do then? Take everyone’s cell phones away from them at the club door?
Videos from last night’s party at Space are already going up on YouTube and we’ve managed to smuggle in cameras into clubs to take video footage all this week, so there really is no stopping it.
Perhaps if the clubs look at the issue from a different angle, it could be seen as good promotion for them.