Camera's In Clubs



I know it's been mentioned before, but I'm a little confused. Last time I went, I did Eden (Eupohoria), Es Paradis (Fiesta del Agua), Amnesia (Cream/Godskitchen) and Privelege (Manumission), and out of those, only Privelege frisked and busted us for camera's.

Have the rules at Es Paradis, Eden and Amnesia changed to be more strict?

As far as I remember, Privilage is still the only 1 that doesn't like camaras in the club. God knows why this is?
Space don't like it either - but its a money making scam for them....prob the same for the other clubs but i couldn't be sure as i have never taken a camera into them.

Space have a few "official" photographers who do the rounds all day and then a couple of weeks later post the pictures on their site for all to see....there will be about 1000 per sunday! you are bound to be on a couple - the catch is that if you want the picture you have to pay for it - hence the fact why they discourage you to bring in your own.

Bit of a pain i guess :(
I always see the same photographer guy going round Space and Pacha. He really does have the best job in the world. You always see him dancing about in the middle of the dancefloor waving his camera about. Do you think he might need an assistant?
the missus and i were at Four::Four and they took a cracking pic of us - gave us the wee card with the web details to see it and then buy it... home to check it out - that night was one of the few they didn't have online :evil:
i've been refused entry of a camera to Privilege, and i took one to Amnesia and got it in there although there was a sign on the wall saying no cameras although i wasn't searched!