Calling ibiza veterans...



sup ibiza veterans,

warning, rookie alert...gotta simple question that can probably be simply answered...

Theres 3 of us going...males...all 23 years old....August 1st probably for a week (i know i know, 'worst time to go', but whaddya gonna do)

we figure we're going to stay in Ibiza Town...

a) Is it necessary to book a room in advance? (I'm guessing yes) Is it too late (3 weeks left)?

b) If so, where do you recommend, based on these factors:

...doesnt necessarily have to be the cheapest in the world, but not ritz like either...should be safe for belongings...should be lotsa other partiers in the vicinity (ie. not family central, if we wanted that we'd go to Disneyland)

also, we're not hardcore electronica heads, but we're down for a good time, so a good mix of seeing the place, mixed with meeting people, and clubbing

thanks in advance for your opinions....


have a search now through our last minute vacancies:

last minute is only 3 weeks in advance so you are just right :)

there still should be plenty of room available in ibiza town, talamanca or figueretas - those are my recommendations.

check our island map to locate all of those places (all near ibiza town)

good luck