Buying Your Female Companion a Birthday Gift


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Well, what should I get her? I've done jewlery and **** heaps of times.. What are else are hot chicks into?
hot chicks

LOL Olly. As if I don't cop a million of those jokes by blokes who can't do better every day :D .. Take a seat hot shot. My leading lady would only make you hate me more as I'm the guy that guys like you say "Why do all the good girls always go for losers" about. :D

Tower Burger is actually a grouse idea. I remember once have a Harold and Kumar Mission for a Tower Burger once. Tho we never made it to White Castle or, KFC in this case. .. In fact it was a 24 hour KFC and when we got there, they ****ing CLOSED!!!!

****ing Kentucky Fried ****S!
Ah ok,

So is this hot chick your carer?


Well she cares for me doesn't she? ;) Arrrrrrrrrrr shes the best. I love her. The **** you guys give me here is nothing cos at the end I can turn off my computer and shes there with her big beautiful smile.

I'M A LUCKY MAN FELLAS.. A very lucky man. That's why you can hang more **** on me than a sausage hook in a toilet bowl and I'll still punch the pork like Rocky in the back room.

So far, I have gotten her a DVD and dedicated the next online radio show to her, like a tribute thing, but I need a lot more.
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