Buying tickets online(is it 100% reliable)


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Noticed all the sites, ticketline,skiddle and ibizaspotlight all sell tickets online that you are put on a guestlist and you have to have your card with you when going to the club. Ive never bought tickets online always got them over there and im not sure just how reliable they are.My worst nightmare would be going over there,going to the club and they say your not on the guestlist when you clearly have paid for you tickets.Has anybody had any trouble? any storys? or they 100% reliable.Id get them over there but some of the prices online seem to be alot cheaper

any advice welcome

I've purchased my tickets online last time for most of the parties I went to and never had any issues everything went flawless
cheers mate. skiddle are doin cream tickets for August for £37 and i cant see it bein that cheap over there