Buying tickets for another


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Trying to buy tix for Mrs for tomorrow. Will there be any problem if my name is on the ticket and not hers?


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No issue at all in ibz, already did it dozen of times even when amnesia threaten people witn names matching last year ...bullshit it worked perfectly :D
Only ims dalt villa (not defected one ) ask id this year (a pdf on my cellphone was enough)
Wich tix u want to buy?


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Look, while I am sure that it's the case that the clubs rarely if ever check, we are duty bound to tell you that, officially, the ticket buyer must be present in the group. That's the official line and what's in the T&Cs.
It would be irresponsible of us to recommend doing this, although we're aware it happens often with people buying for friends and then dropping out themselves or parents buying on behalf of their children etc