budgeting in ibiza


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reading these threads makes me feel like a plebean indentured servant. most i can afford for a hotel is 50 per night and thats only if they have rinconcito cocina y nevera.
im done causing global warming spending 30 plus per entrance unless solomun or gigi d'agostino. contribute if you're all about the free guest lists and non big ticket events! dont f*** with my ibiza!


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Your welcome ?


Get a portable speaker, couple of larl-uns, bottle of beer, hey presto - beach party.


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nobody appreciates gigi d'ag/sarcasm although im sure ive heard blablabla played at dc-10 before

Kim Wrong Un

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reading these threads makes me feel like a plebean indentured servant.
that is a fantastic line Nicco. I'm borrowing that for my next social media rant.

as for doing IBZ on the cheap, I think it can still be done with a van and an encyclopaedic knowledge of where all the free toilets/showers are. and obv all the free parties/affordable supermarkets

where's that classic thread by the hobo who slept on beaches?
Your welcome ?
Just reading through that thread, the potatoes has me in stitches ?


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The whole tin of potatoes in a travel kettle is a classic spotlight post!

The person who suggested that though, what were they on!? Maybe one day everyone will be sat on the rocks outside cafe del mar with a kettle and eating potatoes out of it


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This is actually where the classic tapas dish Patatas Bravas originated from. It has of course been modified since then with various spicy sauces etc but its true origins lie right here.