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So I'm back. And raring to go!

The topic for discussion is breaks. In music, in clubs and on Ibiza.

It is an issue I have half-heartedly explored before on these pages- with mixed results. :confused:

The fact is, many people have pre-conceived ideas about the term 'breaks'. :rolleyes:

They associate 'breaks' with breakbeat, unfairly dismissing it without even hearing the sounds. :(

The fact is, breaks (or nu-skool breaks) offer some of the most exciting sounds around.

This 'ain't no slowed down D 'n' B. It's pure funky, atmospheric, acid, housey music, with an energetic beat which is, ultimately easier on the ears.

For me, the scene encapsulates all that I have searched for in dance music.

The breaks nights I have experienced have been full of life, energy, atmosphere and smily faces- high on the music for a change!

It's so refreshing to see music take hold of people, reminiscent of the feeling I experience on the island.

There are loads of club nights, pioneering broken beats, all over London- especially the east, and the breaks room at Fabric has been bubbling along below the hype of the D 'n' B for years.

I can't really say much more, other than I believe this sound is ready to explode, re-energising the dance community in a way we can only dream of.

All that's left is for me to recommend a few names, tunes etc... and let the people decide for themselves.

1) Ils - Next Level
- Y4K album (or any of them)
- Soultrader album
- any remixes!
2) Plump DJ's - Eargasm album
3) Blim - Lost in Music album
- 2 Freaks (with Rennie Pilgrem)
4) Bushwacka - Harps
- Net Bugz
5) Lee Coombs - Future Sound Of Retro album
- Feel The Funk (remix)
6) Evil Nine - For Lovers, Not Fighters (Blim remix)
- Cakehole
7) Perfecto Breaks - Rennie Pilgrem
- Lee Coombs
8) Fabric Live - Ali B
- James Lavelle

Happy listening- very interested to hear any thoughts or opinions on the future of dance.
I don't play breaks but i but the occasional tune to slip into a house set
Last tunes i bought that was breaks were Adam freeland - we want your soul, Plum Dj's - the gate, and Tony Faline - Feel the funk