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My name is Pieter Leijten. I've been DJ-ing for 9 years now. First started of with trance, then made a switch from Hardstyle to techno, but eventually came back to what we call Bora-Bora style ;)

I've been visiting this site since last year, when I first went to Ibiza. After this first time it was clear, I wanted to go back. And so I did last May. And to make it complete, another travel is booked for September. That was also the reason why I wanted to take part in this contest. It would be great to play for this wicked crowd in the Bora Bora. The open minded music lovers really enjoy every beat, something which is very rare in NL these days.

I hope you like my mix! It contains tracks and remixes by:
Paul van Dyk, Ida Engberg, DJ Wady & Patrick M, Steve Angelo, Inpetto, namTRAK and more. Expect a mixture between clubby, techy, trancy, etc. A set which, in my opinion, fits the Bora Bora. I hope you'll share this opinion with me ;).

Here is the link to download the mix:




PS: I'm using the account from a friend of mine (Ardjan) since I didn't expect the second approval on the registration process of this forum. I hope this isn't a big problem since my own account (Dirty Wax) was registerd before the end of 16 July ;)
Pieter,tell me,just how comfortable are those pants you had made up from the left over wallpaper ?

Remember to keep an eye on the time...;)

Good luck in the competition :)
Haha, those pants are quote comfortable when you stand still. For dancing i would suggest à pants from another kind of fabric ;)

The choice was pure luck by the way. No need to mingle with the background.

Enjoy listening by the way!
great mix but i thought it got a bit hard near the end, playin push strange world isnt really bora bora in my opinion.. morel like summat you would here in cream..
Had my eyes closed on a few spacing moments... so that means its an excellent mix!!

I'll be in Ibiza on the 9th so I hope you'll win and I can drop you a visit

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for listening guys! 8)

Just for the record, hereby the tracklist:

01 Agoria - Diva Dive
02 Rennie Foster - Devil's Water (Youngsters Mix)
03 Steve Mac & Mark Brown - The Fly (DJ Wady & Patrick M Remix)
04 Ida Engberg & David West - Supercluster (Ida Engberg Remix)
05 namTRAK - This is what you need
06 Afrojack - Radioman
07 David Keno - Tout le temps
08 Dial M For Moguai - Beatbox (Inpetto Remix)
09 Sebastian Ingrosso - Laktos
10 Pet Shop Boys - Love etc (Gui Boratto Remix)
11 Axwell / Ingrosso / Angello / Laidback Luke - Leave the world behind
12 John Dahlbeck - Everywhere (Topspin Remix)
13 Paul van Dyk - For an angel 2009
14 Marco V - Unprepared
15 Push - Strange world

@ balearic soul: depending on my own experience, there was place for some tranceclassics at Bora Bora last year. That was the reason I mixed one down. I don't know if the set I heard was an exception on the rest of the season off course ;) Thanks for the feedback anyway!
Really nice mix Dirty Wax! In my opinion it could use just a liitle bit more, what I like to call "party"-house records to make the crowd go wild!

For what I've seen last year Bora Bora is the place to play a big range of different styles all together in one set, and that's just what I like best.

But alltogether the best set I've heard yet so 5/5 from me!
Hi Peter, i noticed in you pic your using the mk 3's. Ive just upgraded my 800's to a pair of 1000 mk 2's. Would you say there is much difference in the them to the mk 3's other than the mp3 facility obviously. What the jog adjustment like? is it worth having?
Hi Paul,

This picture was taken on an outdoor event. The gear is not mine. But at home I have the following set:


I've upgraded directly from the 800MK1 to the 1000MK3. I must admit I did it from a luxury point of view. The MK2 would cost me 1000 euro each (used ones), that was as much as MK3 without VAT (which I can withdraw). Both are great machines, but the MK3 has a better display (more accurate), that's all for me (I don't use MP3). The jog itself doesn't come with any benefits ;)
Looks nice, i got some 2nd hand mk2's i paid £450 each for them. They seem to be an improvemnt on the 800's but not really had a proper go on them yet. Looking forward to gttin on them tonight. I think the hot starts/cue points is a good feature as il use them more than the loops on the 800's. Have a djm400 mixer but really would like a djm 800 but realistically i thin il have to settle for a 600. Keep up the good work pal :)
Hell Yeah!

What a great performance!!
It's a really good mix with pounding tracks.
Good mixing skillz also.

I hope that you are the one who will win! ( 5/5 )