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Mike Stuart writes:

Ibiza connoisseur and resident at both Bora Bora and Space(Tonic´s Fridays), Dj Gee has some very positive things to say about the 2003 party vintage. Cynics might point out it’s difficult to get an accurate quote about what a season may or may not have been like from someone who’s livelihood depends on it.


Conversely those departing these shores never to return will talk about a difficult or slow year, with lower visitor numbers than usual.
But Gee’s got the proof to back him up – figures published online (the Ibiza Sun) state that 1,118.873 tourists have visited Ibiza this year as compared to 1.114.884 in 2002, and if it’s hunners of happy faces you wanna see there’ll plenty on the new Bora Bora dvd made by Am’Dam-based dancetrippin’ crew* (

“It’s all as it was. If someone didn’t like that track, you’re gonna see it. Four camera men, all done in real time, I love the way they do this, you see all these videos and in a lot cases you see people tapping the feet and singing and in a lot of cases it’s a completely different beat. They did this one completely live. You can see the way the crowd interacts. It’s almost like a real life story, fly on the wall clubbing. You couldn’t have that in a club situation, only here.”

The editorial team might even feature in the footage of the Bora Bora closing party. We also got interviewed in our capacity as fanners of the flames of gossip when we ambled along a week or so later to have a chat with Gee on the beach they call “Bossa”.

How’s married life treating you?

That’s unexpectedly very very good, and easy. Well, it’s not easy, that’s a bad word to use, it’s not as scary as what I thought it was gonna be.**

How was 2003 for Bora Bora?

I know a lot of people say it’s the best it’s ever been, I see that a lot going thru the net, or what people are seeing in magazines or whatever. I tend to go with that. For me every year is absolutely fantastic. I think they say because other things about the island are starting to get to people, like the expense.


who can spot danny t?



How tied to this place are you? Could you see yourself moving on?

Yeah. Maybe so. Whatever happens Gee and Bora Bora, it’s the same word. Gee “Bora Bora” Moore, it could be in my passport quite easily. This for the winter I’m on about here. I’d like to have another party destination, not just Ibiza. This going to be the first time for the winter time I’m gonna be away. I’ve got a residency see in a beautiful club in Hollywood, I’ve got a roof terrace up there that’s gonna be mine. I’ll be working with DJ Ruff and Franco. These guys from DJ Chemistry in Holland.

I’ll be taking my beautiful wife over there, to see a bit more of the world.
We’ve got a studio out there, a lot of contacts over there, and pick up back up singers as we go, I can move up and down California, which I love. And I’d love to get the same djs who play over here over there as well. It’s my residency but let’s share it out. I’m well into the co-operative business.

And from there it makes it a easy step down to Brazil***. And I know I can get some gigs in Peru and Columbia and all that. That’s the idea. I’m gonna try and go everywhere, do the lot, and I’m going to take my wife with me as well.

Sometimes I did sit there and think ‘Ooh blimey this is good. I’m in another country, I’m in a really nice hotel, and meeting really nice people and I’m really comfortable here and I’m not digging a ditch somewhere.’ You know what I mean? And it’s not that I haven’t done all that somewhere because I ‘ave. I’ve literally been down toilets with my hands, and worse but I won’t go any further than that.

* - The new DVD is scheduled to come out in February
** - Iva was standing next to Gee when this question was posed
*** - A proposal for a Bora Bora Brazil has been mooted




All fotos taken from the space website. big up to the space photographers and website team for all the fresh info! (all photos are copyright (c) 2003 space ibiza).
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Robo said:

I've met the tall thin guy with his hands up in the centre of the photo. he works at Bali Beach Indian restaurant just down the beach from Bora Bora. Strange!

isn't it Danny Tenaglia holding the Spiderman doll ???? :?: :?: :?: :?: