Bora Bora - Big room behind dancefloor???


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Dose anyone know if they have ever used the room begind the dance floor in Bora Bora. It looks like a 2 story mini Es Paradís pyramid in blue. It looks like it could or should be a club room but I have never seen public in there. It seems to be a storage area for the staff.


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I remember they had the doors open for that room in the evening once the curtain had been pulled across to separate the beach in the early 2000s when it would get really busy, but since then you can see it is just full of chairs and tables stacked up.

Main reason Bora Bora used to get so busy was the passout bands Space used to do on the 22 hour Home/We love days, used to be great going into Space for lunchtime, dancing on the terrace til night time then out to Bora Bora for some cheaper drinks, then back over to Space again til the morning! Miss those days, although there is probably no way I could handle that now haha


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I am very much alive thank you very much! RIP my good friend Robert though.

They owe me more than 15k so I left and so did the PR team. No idea what the other boys got up to after, I'm just jetting around playing wherever is good. Also had a family so working full time again as well and loving life!

Thank you all so much for the kind words I really do appreciate them and you guys were amazing to play to! Maybe I'll come back and do a one off somewhere in ibiza when the time and place is right and I'll be sure to post here when I do it...

I'll drop a mix or 2 here as well in a few days.

Thanks again for all the love and support over the years!



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You might get lucky with the DC10 line up, it can get pretty banging in the main room
Not a fan of the club. Amazing sound system, but can get a bit messy. Creeps me out a bit. Unfortunately said messy men think I'm into getting it on, when all I want to do is dance hard! Find it a bit much. Paradise has Charlotte de Witte, but so many DJ's, prob won't get more than an hour set. The norm now from what I can tell. How I long for those extended sets.....