Bora Bora 2009 - How is it?


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bora bora

what is the script with bora bora this year?

every year for the last 5 or so years they have changed the rules and regulations for opening/closing times and all the rest,

is it all the same as last year?
The reason you have no replies is because no one knows! If you're referring to the music, it should start the same time as last year 4:30pm'ish.For everything else were just have to wait and see.
Its Monday, supposedly the day that Bora Bora is the busiest. Anybody plan to / happen to check it out?

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bora bora right now

Much better than my last time here. Busy, music rocking (billie jean playing)

No overt security measures. Loving it,

Full review when i return home.
I got back last week. Was not particularly busy (is still early in the season) but the two times we went down the atmosphere was really good and the music really upbeat with everyone in a good mood.

Same security guards as last year but they seemed a bit more laid back. Unfortunately, having seen them in August last year when it gets busy they take the absolute p**s. I saw them repeatedly punch a guy last year and chase him out the venue with a baton just for dancing on the table...

I like Bora Bora but I think they will feel the competition this year with all the new beach bars in PdB. Ushuaia, Sands and the Delano and are putting on beach parties and have far nicer and more relaxed venues...
Where about are these other beach bars that do beach partys? When do they do the beach partys? I thought there was only Bora Bora
I like Bora Bora but I think they will feel the competition this year with all the new beach bars in PdB. Ushuaia said:
Maybe they will lower drink prices?

6E for a large (ish) beer a bit steep I think even compared to Pachas 12E bottle of SM policy!!
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I still don't appreciate Bora Bora like everyone else seems to - drinks way too expensive for a beach bar, no flow to the music - though there wasn't the overbearing security of last year, and of course Spiderman is a delight to behold.
so just me in the picture please.i go to pdb a lot.but this year i never walked along the where are Ushuaia, Sands and the one of them the old don toni hotel beach bars?.i might have seen these bars before but never really tool any attention to them apart from bora bora.still on everyones lips this year.but i bet its nice to have a change.

silly me just seen links.yes i thought i was right.
i've just come back from 2 weeks in bossa and still wasnt feeling the atmosphere at bora bora... it was busy but is still different compared to 2007 when the laws weren't put in.

music's good but, you're right about the other beach parties. headed to delano's for a night beach party and that had some good atmosphere, will definitely head there again!

sans was good for a chill out and i met steven gerrard, and i love him so i was pretty chuffed!! :) :lol:
Yesss :D he was with Alex and their friends on the day Pete Tong was doing a pre-party in Bossa for Wonderland......

HAPPY was not the word! ha! ;)
bora bora beach

hi guys heading to ibiza just wanting to know first time going when is the best time to go to bora bora beach during the day or night and what day i here monday is the best day thanks for you help